What effect does compressing files have?

  1936 15:06 07 Mar 2006

I have 5.7 GB of picturers in my desktop and I would like to load them onto my laptop to work on while I am away.
The laptop only has 1.25 GB of space left.
I have never compressed anything before so what effect will compressing have? Could it comress from 5.7GB to 1.25 GB?

  ventanas 15:11 07 Mar 2006

Very doubtful, if they are jpg's then they will be compressed already. Why not load just the ones you want. There must be 1000's of them to take up that much space. It is possible to compress tif's, but not to that degree.

  PA28 15:15 07 Mar 2006

The problem with compressing .jpgs to that degree is that you will lose a lot of the information in each picture - this is not a good idea if you value the content. Do as ventanas suggests - or why not write them to CD/DVD if you can, and then import and work on them on your laptop as you wish.

  Koochy 15:58 07 Mar 2006

This is another alternative as i believe they go up to about 4GB now.

  jimv7 16:04 07 Mar 2006

Not knowing the size of your laptop hard drive, I would suggest that you do not have enough empty space for windows to run properly let alone adding more files to it.

  Koochy 16:04 07 Mar 2006

Sorry forgot to add click here
It is a bit pricey but it is a peice of kit that will always come in handy.

  1936 16:28 07 Mar 2006

I wonder if a portable DVD Drive would be worth trying. Does anyone have a recomendation?

  anchor 16:46 07 Mar 2006

Something like this might suit you:

Western Digital Passport Portable USB Hard-drive USB 2.0, 40GB. £59.95

click here

  1936 22:53 07 Mar 2006

Right, I popped into PC World and am now more confused than I was when I started.
I saw a load of what I would call, "Mobile Hard Drives" and anothe load of what I would call "Mobile DVD rewriters".
I have a load of photographs on my Desktop which I would like to be able to work on using a Laptop while away.
Couls someone sugest what is the best option?

  Danoh 23:39 07 Mar 2006

Defintely an external Hard Drive, especially as you have rather limited space on your laptop.

Biggest bang for your bucks, especially if you can go with the physically larger types. Rewriteable DVDs tend to be quite temperamental. And, you can edit the photos directly on the external or mobile Hard Drive.

Do consider saving copies of your edited photos onto CD-R or DVD-R (not DVD-RW) just in case and as you are travelling.

  1936 01:00 08 Mar 2006

There is a major problem with this computer business and that is as one solution appears another question follows it. My current laptop is a four year old Toshiba satellite 100Z2 Intel Celeron 1.13GHz 256 memory and 4o GB hard drive.
As well wanting a larger hard drive I would like e-mail capability such as a 3G slot so I thought what if I killed two birds with one stone and instead of getting an E-Mail capable mobile telephone or Blackberry and a mobile hard drive why not a new laptop with a bigger hard drive and a 3G slot.
Anyone got a suggestion?

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