What is EDIE and UDMA133

  Weeby Vuit 12:02 15 Jan 2003
  Weeby Vuit 12:02 15 Jan 2003

i am getting an 80 Gb hard drive and one says EDIE and the other says UDMA133 what does this mean!!!

  cherria 12:19 15 Jan 2003

I think you mean EIDE which is the interface type of the HD you basically have EIDE and SCSI hard drives which use different interfaces to the PC. So if you have a motherboard with IDE connectors (most have these) then and EIDE HD will connect to it.

UDMA133 aka ATA133 is refering to the data transfer rate. I think UDMA133 can trasfer data at 133Mbps UDMA100 at 100Mbps etc.

What you have there is a pretty buly standard PC HD thatyou should be able to connect no problems to most PC systems

  MAJ 12:21 15 Jan 2003

It's actually EIDE and that's the name of the controller, in your computer, to which the hard drive is attached. UDMA 133 is the data transfer speed at which the hard drive operates.

  Weeby Vuit 12:22 15 Jan 2003

Thank you cherria of clearing that up.

  DieSse 12:34 15 Jan 2003

In case you're interested, EDIE was my grandmothers name


  MAJ 12:36 15 Jan 2003

LOL :-))))

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