What does SLR stand for?

  tommy vercetti 12:18 21 Sep 2005

This is probably a really dumb question, but what does SLR stand for please?

  bobbybowls 12:25 21 Sep 2005

Single lens reflex cameras allow the photographer to see the precise focus, color, framing, and brightness that will be recorded on film, because the viewfinder looks through the lens. Artistic or professional photographers prefer SLR cameras because they have more control by manually defining their image versus point-and-shoot or range-finder cameras. A prism, flip-up mirror, and interchangeable lens makes an SLR camera extremely accurate.

The light from a scene follows a different path in an SLR camera compared to an ordinary point-and-shoot camera. A mirror behind the lens reflects the incoming image to a corrective prism. The prism turns the image upside-down, since a lens always reverses the orientation of a picture, so the photographer perceives it as upright. The prism may also slightly sharpen and brighten the image. Finally, the image reaches the rear of the camera where the photographer can examine it. After the photographer clicks the shutter release button, but before the shutter opens, this mirror flips out of the way, allowing the light to continue on to the film.

Another reason SLR cameras are more exact is that they utilize through-the-lens, or TTL, metering. The light meter is behind, not in front of, the focusing lens; this allows the meter to monitor the amount of light that will actually hit the film surface, rather than monitoring the light hitting the front of the lens. When filters or masks are screwed onto the lens, these additions will change the light meter's readings, which wouldn’t be true for a non-SLR camera.

  ened 12:26 21 Sep 2005

It is a type of camera

  ened 12:28 21 Sep 2005


  tommy vercetti 12:30 21 Sep 2005

Thanks Bobby Bowls, you are a fast typer!

  Jackcoms 15:21 21 Sep 2005

It also stands for Self-Loading Rifle - but those have now been phased out by the British armed forces.

In any event, neither the camera or the rifle are PC-related!

  pj123 15:40 21 Sep 2005

Very comprehensive response from bobbybowls, I couldn't have done that and I am a professional photographer.

Jackcoms, digital cameras also come in SLR varieties which I class as computer related. The Forum page says (amongst other things) "Anything goes, as long as it's connected with computing"

If tommy vercetti is contemplating buying a digital camera and needs info etc. then surely it can be posted on the Forum?

  tommy vercetti 17:17 21 Sep 2005

pj123 i agree with you. To be honest i knew that my question was only loosely connected with computing. However, it is a testimony to the users of this site and people like Bobby Bowls that i got an informed and helpful reply within a few minutes. Could i have got a better/quicker reply on a camera website? I doubt it.

  DieSse 18:18 21 Sep 2005

See some more here - and a good link for just about any definitions

click here

  DieSse 18:19 21 Sep 2005

Or most here click here

  stalion 18:49 21 Sep 2005

have a bit of compassion this is a begginers forum and therefore a learning curve if it was a digital camera it could be pc related

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