what does shared graphics memory mean

  Shutt1e 20:21 23 Jun 2006

i was wondering what shared graphics meant thx

  wolfie3000 20:31 23 Jun 2006

I think it means that the on baord gfx shares the main ram on the pc i could be wrong anyone else?

  citadel 20:33 23 Jun 2006

there is no graphics card and the pc uses motherboard built in graphics.

  Jackcoms 20:36 23 Jun 2006

So, if for instance you had 512Mb of RAM and 64Mb of shared graphics, you would effectively only have 448Mb of usable RAM.

  Totally-braindead 20:37 23 Jun 2006

wolfie3000 has it right, if you have onboard graphics it uses some of the main memory to run the graphics, sharing it as it were. Onboard graphics is really quite poor, fine for most things but not games. Though if its a older game many run well enough on it.

  Shutt1e 20:48 23 Jun 2006

wat it be better to upgrade the laptop like say put a 512mb ram upgrade init

  Totally-braindead 20:50 23 Jun 2006

Go here click here it will tell you what you have and what you can take.

  Jackcoms 20:53 23 Jun 2006

Most, if not all, laptops use shared graphics.

Space limitations in their small cases do not allow 'bulky' graphics cards to be fitted.

Also it's not usually possible to upgrade RAM in a laptop as it's usually an integral part of the motherboard

  Shutt1e 20:53 23 Jun 2006

sorry doesnt cover acer makes

  Shutt1e 20:53 23 Jun 2006

but thx

  Totally-braindead 20:55 23 Jun 2006

It does cover ACER. Do you mean it doesn't list your laptop?

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