What does a re-installation CD contain?

  dvdcompare 13:59 18 Jan 2009

My Dell PC came with a Windows XP re-installation CD. What does this contain? Is it the complete Windows XP package?


  dvdcompare 14:06 18 Jan 2009

And can it be used on a different PC with a different Operation System? I only ask because I have 2 Dell PCs - one with Windows XP and one with Windows 2000. The one with XP is knackered so am going to chuck it. I was wondering if I could use the Dell Windows XP reinstallation CD on the Windows 2000 one.

I don't think this is illegal as they are both legitimatly bought Dell PCs which each came with their own reinstallation discs.

  Belatucadrus 14:10 18 Jan 2009

Problem with Dell is that they use a variety of different reload packages from hidden partitions to what is pretty close to a full disk copy of XP tailored to the model in question. So saying precisely what is on your disk is difficult.

  Belatucadrus 14:12 18 Jan 2009

As to the legality, technically they will be OEM copies tied by license to the machine they were originally installed on.

  iqs 14:13 18 Jan 2009

the installation CD could be a recovery disc which accesses the recovery partition on the HDD,which means it can not be used on another PC.

If its a retail or OEM CD ,then possible,but you would need to clarify the license agreement first

  dvdcompare 14:15 18 Jan 2009

Thanks. If it is only a disc that accesses the recovery partition, what would happen if I try that on a different PC?

How can I find out which disc it is? If I put the disc into my PC whilst within Windows, what can I look at on the disc that will tell me?

  iqs 14:19 18 Jan 2009

if its a recovery dis,then it will not work with another PC.If its a retail or OEM disc,just place in the PC when it has booted and see if the windows install menu appears

  iqs 14:21 18 Jan 2009

should have said,place in the PC after the original windows has loaded and see if the install menu appears

  dvdcompare 14:22 18 Jan 2009

The code for Windows XP is this: 76477-OEM-0011903-00102 - does that mean it is the full product?

  iqs 14:30 18 Jan 2009

the number you supplied has OEM in the title,so I would say its the full OEM product.The main difference between OEM and retail,is the retail version comes in a fancy box,and OEM is aimed as system builders like a company

  dvdcompare 14:33 18 Jan 2009

Thanks guys. Will try it later.

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