What does pressing E2 (Run Setup) lead to?

  Stymied 07:28 17 May 2007

When I switched my PC on this morning, it did not run Windows. Instead I was invited to press F1 to continue or F2 to run Setup.

As I didn't know whether F2 would require expert decisions, I opted for F1 and held my breath. However, Windows then started up. Once the Desktop was up, I had to reset the Clock and Date settings, after which everthing seems to be working again. (I was prompted to open AVG and that seemed to restore it to normal operation too.)

The only recent issues I have had, have been in having to release some space on the hard drive. (Three members of my family, including me, have recently acquired iPods. Deleting old podcasts seems to be all I've had to do there.)

I have two questions (I have searched the Forums for similar topics, but I didn't get a result):

If this happens again, should I press F2 and will there be any decisions that a relative novice would find difficult to make? Or will it just be straightforward like entering the date and time?

Any idea why switching on might lead to not opening Windows?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

  MAJ 08:03 17 May 2007

F2 will take you into the BIOS, that's where the startup settings are stored, don't go in there unless you know what you're doing. It sounds like maybe your CMOS battery is dying as the settings aren't being retained.

  MAJ 08:05 17 May 2007

Read the first part of this thread click here it will explain how to replace the CMOS battery, if needed.

  Stymied 08:51 17 May 2007

Oh dear! Thanks very much, MAJ, I'll try this once I work out how to get to the motherboard.

Does this CR2032 battery (that you mentioned on thread your link took me to) work in all makes of PCs?

  MAJ 09:25 17 May 2007

I have yet to see a PC with a different battery, Stymied.

  Strawballs 22:28 17 May 2007

When you take the side off of the case make sure that you touch the case of the power source (after making sure it has been unplugged for a couple of minutes first) to get rid of any static charge you may have then the battery is just a larger version of the sort that you find in watches.

  Stymied 14:51 18 May 2007

THank you MAJ (again) and Strawballs. I have bought the battery, and will have a go at opening the pc over the weekend.

Strawballs, thanks for the extra bit of advice. I did see a mention of touching something metal on the thread (earthing... touch something metal) which made me think this was verging on scary. Don't worry, I will read that thread carefully and if I can't work out exactly what to touch, I will get someone else to replace it for me.

I used the PC a second time yesterday and it again magically turned itself on without any pressing of the power switch, which was puzzling but confirmed what I thought I'd seen earlier. Again I had to go through the reset the clock chain of actions.

When I shut down later, I decided not to turn off the power at the wall so that I could see what happened when I switched on today. When I powered up, I had no problems with switching on, and Windows started up as normal.

Would that confirm it's the CMOS battery?

  wee eddie 17:14 18 May 2007

"Would that confirm it's the CMOS battery?"

It almost certainly is.

By the way: Earthing yourself is the equivalent of washing your hands before you start preparing a meal. It's just a precaution to ensure that you don't transfer, in this case your Static Charge, to what you about to touch.

  Stymied 09:59 19 May 2007

Thank you Wee Eddie. Until the CMOS battery is changed, I will stick to not turning off at the wall.

I really appreciate the forums on this web site, and especially the experts like you, and MAJ and Strawbells who so generously check out what novice forum. You are all great. I've never had to wait long for a response, even when I've posted in the small hours. And the comments are spot on and lucid and never patronising.

I am going to click Resolved even though I haven't changed the battery yet, because I don't want to waste your time. Thanks.

  wee eddie 12:02 19 May 2007

I got it by typing "change cmos battery" into Google: click here

  Strawballs 19:03 19 May 2007

You are not wasting anyone's time we are only to glad to help, most of us had to start somewhere and I have learnt most of what I know here and am only too willing return the favour to the forum's.

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