What does Office 2007 look like for you?

  skeletal 10:35 24 Jun 2008

This is an Office 2007 niggle (it has a few problems but leave that for another day!).
What does the background of the work area in Word and PowerPoint look like for you? I mean the blue background upon which the white “paper” is placed.

On my laptop, from installation, it has always had a sort of curved triangle of paler blue in the top left hand corner. On my desktop (again from installation) it was a constant blue across the screen. Note I said “was”; this morning, my desktop also shows the triangle! (Installation for both was many weeks ago, both are set up identically, both are fully patched, both computers use Windows XP).

The black colour scheme on my desktop also shows a triangle; the silver does not (not tried this on the laptop).

I’ve not downloaded any Office update patches etc.

Any thoughts?


  Ditch999 10:45 24 Jun 2008

Its to make it look pretty.
Pity they didnt put more thought in to the code and not the appearence. Mine does the same BTW and I have Office SP1.

  skeletal 11:04 24 Jun 2008

Ah Ditch999, so you do have the triangle!

I could believe it is to look pretty, but of course, this leads to the question as to why my desktop did not show it for many weeks, until this morning!

I am curious to see how many see the triangle, or was it simply a glitch on my machine that cured itself last night!

I totally agree about the appearance/code thing (just like Vista in fact!) I love the look but even though I have the first service pack, there is clearly a shed load of stuff they need to sort out.

Key issues for me are that it is less stable than Office 2003, is very slow and you can’t add your own task bar. I thus have to press “Add-ins” then my buttons; usability has halved because I now have to do two things rather than one.

Luckily, up to now all my code still seems to work!

But removal of some of the macro recording stuff make coding slower (reducing usability again).


  ventanas 11:53 24 Jun 2008

I've never noticed it before, but I sure can see it after reading this.
For me it's been like learning a new program because nothing is where its been for years.
Why is there no printer button for a start?
I suppose the main difference is the ribbon, but after being used to toolbars for years it does seem strange.

  Ditch999 12:02 24 Jun 2008

For the printer button go to the bit beside the round Office button (top left) which is the quick access toolbar. Click the drop down arrow and select Quick Print. The familiar printer icon will now appear in the list.

  Marko797 13:38 24 Jun 2008

I have never noticed that before you (skeletal) mentioned it. Maybe it was/wasn't there before, but now it definitely is. I recently had the SP1 'delivered', so wonder if this is where it's come from? Uh?

  SimpleSimon1 14:13 24 Jun 2008

Like you, I was a bit lost after moving from earlier versions of office to 2007.

This MS page might be useful (click here)
It's a piece of flash that displays a Word 2003 screen - you click on any command and it then displays a Word 2007 screen and shows you where the equivalent is. There is a similar flash apps for Excel and I would guess the other major Office apps also have similar helper apps.

Makes it a bit easier to learn everything from scratch :-(

  Marko797 14:22 24 Jun 2008

a plug in of sorts which u can get which provides the 2003 menu bar under the 2007 ribbon. Can't think where it is, or where I got it from, but some smart alec'll know...maybe google it. I think it's a free download. I found it useful when I first got 2007, maybe a year ago now I suppose.

  ventanas 15:24 24 Jun 2008

A very big thank you.

And to SimpleSimon1

  skeletal 16:11 24 Jun 2008

For Excel I use this add-in:

click here

which mimics the original tool bar, but within the add-in tab on the ribbon. Thus, just like my earlier post, it means you have to click twice where once would do. Also, it is quite expensive if that is all you want to do. I use it for some of its other features and as, for me it was an upgrade, it was lower cost.

Amazingly, after I installed it, it cured a problem I had with Excel whereby clicking on a shortcut to a spreadsheet opened Excel, but did not open the sheet itself. I used to have to start Excel, then click on a shortcut for it to work.

The ribbon was supposed to be more logical and to thus speed work flows. So, who would imagine that the unlabeled round button at the top left held so many treasures?

My favourite stupidity ATM is in PowerPoint. I like to have the horizontal and vertical guides on display. So, logically I go to View (because I want to view something) and, yes I see “Ruler” and “Gridlines”, that is almost what I want, but where is the guide??

Oh no gentle reader, that is far too obvious. To view a guide you go: Home/Arrange/Align/Grid Settings and tick “Display drawing guides on screen”. That is just soooo obvious isn’t it!!!!


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