What does OEM mean?

  Mr Scone 19:59 07 Jan 2003
  Mr Scone 19:59 07 Jan 2003

I've decided to buy some 5.1 speakers (see my previous thread)
click here
but looking on VGI computer's website click here some of the products have OEM next to them and are cheaper than a seemingly identical product. What does OEM mean? Is this a substandard product?

  Patr100 20:04 07 Jan 2003

Not substandard but sometimes without some extras.Please try a search in the forum for more details as it has been covered before.

  jediknight007 20:05 07 Jan 2003

It basically means that it will come on it's own with nothing at all (box of course!). Normally without any drivers which you will have to download yourself. OEM products are quite popular with people who want to custom-build their PCs since they are much more cheaper and all you need to do is download the right driver.

  DieSse 20:06 07 Jan 2003

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OEM versions are for system builders who assemble systems. OEM goods may be virtually identical to End-User - or quite a bit different, or any shade in-between.

Sub-standard they certainly ain't.

  Mr Scone 20:08 07 Jan 2003

Thanks a lot Patr100

Will do a search



  Mr Scone 20:10 07 Jan 2003

...and thanks jediknight007 and DieSse too.

Now i don't have to do a search. Will get them.



  Lead 20:10 07 Jan 2003

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

They are products supplied by manufacturers without the 'bells and whistles' of their full retail items, i.e. usually without the flash packaging or extra software.

My soundcard was cheaper as OEM, it came in a jiffy bag with drivers, but no manual, or extra software.

My graphics card was a retail product and came in a flash box, with manuals, drivers, a couple of games, and extra leads and stuff.

But you do have to be careful. The OEM item is cheaper, but may not be the exact same specification as the retail product. So it's usually a good idea to double check.

  Lead 20:11 07 Jan 2003


Me too slow.

  Lead 20:11 07 Jan 2003


Me too slow.

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