What does this mean?

  TonyV 18:33 19 Dec 2007

MS Office Professional Edition 2003 - Media - VOL - CD - Win.

I was trawling through a search and found this in a sale for 2003 Pro. It was priced at £27.17, which is ridiculously cheap but I wondered what it meant when the word media - Vol - CD is included in the title. It came out through www. ciao. co. uk dated 17/12/07.



  Technotiger 18:40 19 Dec 2007
  TonyV 18:50 19 Dec 2007

Thanks for that. It was being sold through Amazon where the order would be processed. So I am not sure whether it is a bona fide issue or is there something I am missing? As I said, it does look so cheap, and wonder, despite what it says in the title whether it is a full package. Look at it here click here and traverse down it is the first item on the listing, and see what you think!

I am not that bothered about buying it, it just seems to be too cheap to be factual!!


  Woolwell 20:23 19 Dec 2007

I am pretty sure that the VOL stands for volume licence. This software is probably just the CD and organisations then have to purchase the licence to use it. I bought Office 2003 Pro for my organisation on a licence basis and if I remember correctly the CD was not much more that the Amazon price but the licence was a bout £50 per PC but we were a qualifying organsiation. I am far from sure that this deal is for home users.

  TonyV 20:34 19 Dec 2007

That's fine, but what does the "media" bit mean since it still has the CD element as part of the title? It seems a strange way of marketing a product since I don't think anyone would really know what they are in for! I can't see anywhere that it may be the Academic version. It does seem strange especially on several occasions on this Forum, everyone says if it looks too good to be true it usually is.


  Woolwell 21:50 19 Dec 2007

All you get is the media ie the CD - no manuals, etc. I think they state CD as it could be DVD but I am not sure on this. It is not the academic version but it could be bought by schools. We got a CD for a charity and then use the one CD for 10 PC's purchasing a licence for each one which works out a lot cheaper than buying individual software.
I agree that the marketing ought to be a lot clearer.

  TonyV 00:07 20 Dec 2007

Many thanks. Will close this one out now.


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