What does it take

  webcentres 23:15 03 Mar 2004

I am fed up of trying to better my spec without success.

My problem is as follows, i do a lot of work in photoshop and macromedia software, however, my problems start when i open the software.

Firstly i wait for about a minute for them to open then they are relativelly slow when i use them.

I have a 2800 cpu which only seems to run at 1667, a 128 mb graphics card 1024 ram - what would you experts reccommend i do to speed this thing up to make it workable with?



  byfordr 23:19 03 Mar 2004

I would say lots of memory, but a gig is enough by anyones standards! What graphics card? What processor - pentium or athalon?


  byfordr 23:20 03 Mar 2004

Also the speed of your hard drive, and what programmes are running may have some impact.


  webcentres 23:25 03 Mar 2004


Athlon processor and Nvida Geforce MX440 with AGP 8x 128MB

Maxtor se020LO 20 Gig


  JIM 23:27 03 Mar 2004

photoshop etc. could do with extra drive to work on.

  webcentres 23:29 03 Mar 2004

Could i put a 7200 drive in and reinstall windows on it and then add my old drive to read the files from or would that not work and not help anyway?



  woodchip 23:33 03 Mar 2004

It should blast away with what you have got there must be something slowing your computer

  dazzling (work) 23:36 03 Mar 2004

20 gig is quite small by todays standards.you could add a 7200 drive and do wahat you said or just use that drive for your large files.darren

  dazzling (work) 23:41 03 Mar 2004

having read that again have to agree with woodchip unless your drive is almost full something must be slowing it down.my setup is simillar and have no problems with potoshop 7.if your drive is nearly full try defragging it to see if it makes a difference.also use disk cleanup see if that helps.darren

  webcentres 23:45 03 Mar 2004

If i used the 7200 speed 80gig drive for larger files etc would i need to install photoshop and macromedi on that and remove from my other. If i did that would th PC still run slow elsewhere?

Basically what i mean to say is i really don't want to lose all my work but need to get faster, so would i be better using the 7200 as the main drive and just using the old one for getting my work from 1 to the other?



  tbh72 23:51 03 Mar 2004

What operating system are you using? How long has the operating system been installed? What maintainence (if any) do you carry out? How often do you do this maintainence, if you do?

It may simply be a matter of making one or two small changes to improve your PC's performance.

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