What does it mean if my PC makes an alarm sound?

  sunray06 22:09 24 Nov 2006

Hi my PC keeps making an alarm sound which is consistent, what does this mean?How do i stop it? Will it blow up?

  woodchip 22:13 24 Nov 2006

That's overheating triggered by the BIOS. And may be a fan Failing. Take the left side cover of the computer case, See if that stops it. Also check for Muck round the CPU fan

  brundle 22:14 24 Nov 2006

If its a rising and falling tone like a police siren used to be or an alternating high-low tone, it could be your CPU overheating. Switch off your PC, take the side off, clean any dust and rubbish off the fans and internal casing. Don't use a hoover as the static build up on the plastic attachments can damage the components. A brush made of natural fibres and a going over with an aerosol should help matters. click here
There must be a cheaper way someone can suggest as far as the aerosol is concerned.

  sunray06 22:21 24 Nov 2006

Yes it's like a police siren, i will take the side panel off and clean in.Thank you i was worried it might blow up lol.I will come back if it's not sorted.

  sunray06 15:01 25 Nov 2006

Hi i cleaned the off that i could see, however it is still making the siren noise.Will my PC be ok if i remove it for now?Or does anyone know what else i could try?

  brundle 15:09 25 Nov 2006

Is the processor fan running smoothly, not making unusual noise? Download Everest and look for the Sensor heading under `Computer` - if your PC has a temperature monitor for the CPU you will be able to find out if it is running too hot - you can replace the fan, or reduce the speed of the processor (if your motherboard supports this) until you find the answer. Post back make and model of processor, and the temperature and someone will be able to tell you
if the CPU is the problem or not.
In the mean time make minimal use of the PC, otherwise you may be in danger of damaging the CPU.
Everest here; click here

  rodriguez 15:12 25 Nov 2006

You could try going into the BIOS (tap DEL or whatever key it tells you at startup) and looking for a menu that says PC Health Status or something similar. Look for the CPU temperature and if it's higher than 70 or 75 degrees, that's not good. Not all motherboards show the temperature and status, so it depends what board you have.

  Probabilitydrive 15:16 25 Nov 2006

Might be useful
Beep code advisor:click here
CPU temerature check: (go to left hand corner and download "CPU-Z 1.38"
click here

  sunray06 16:56 25 Nov 2006

The CPU 1= 81 I guess i better get a professional to look at it.

  sunray06 18:15 25 Nov 2006

CPU Type Intel Celeron-A, 366 MHz (5.5 x 67)
I found out the temp from pressing Del i cannot see the temp via everest.

  sunray06 18:25 25 Nov 2006

also downloaded "CPU-Z 1.38" can see all but temp regarding CPU. :(

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