what does duo core do?

  ronec 21:56 30 Oct 2007

I have just bought a new laptop with duo core. Can someone tell me what the second hard drive does? Everything I add goes oto the 'C' drive, the second drive 'D' just seems to sit there and do nothing. Is it for saving things like photo's and cd's to? I have a system backup on it, but that is all.

  brundle 22:14 30 Oct 2007

I think you've got your terms confused. Core 2 Duo refers to the processor, which can effectively do 2 jobs at once. You're talking about partitions on your hard-drive. Some manufacturers split the drive into two partitions - you can store whatever you like on the D drive, move your My Documents folders in case your system crashes and you want to re-install without losing things. My Toshiba laptop is set up that way, I store Downloads and miscellaneous large files on the D: partition

  martjc 11:36 31 Oct 2007

...on a machine that arrived new with two partitions on a single disk, the D: partition is usually for a system backup, containing all the files necessary to restore after a crash. In this case D: would only be about 5 GB and not very useful to store more data.

  brundle 22:42 31 Oct 2007

I was under the impression restore partitions were/are usually hidden, leaving it as a useable drive seems like a bit of an unwise move on the maker's part...

  cream. 23:26 31 Oct 2007

If users follow the recommendations of most computer manufacturers and burn a restore disk. That will restore the computer to out of the factory settings.

when that is done, there is no need for the partition as the restore disk is as good as any normal windows operating system disk.

The partition holding the restore files then can be used as extra storage. With the right software they can be merged into another partition.

  tullie 09:44 01 Nov 2007

I was under the impresion that this hidden partition was required,as the operating system was actually on it,and your burnt disk only allowed you to access this partition to enable the restore?

  paul€ 10:30 01 Nov 2007

Not on the machines that I have used. If I have to reinstall the operating system I just insert the disk or disks that I have been prompted to burn.

As it starts to load it gives me the option to press Fxx next time to restore the computer if I don't want to use the disks but I have already formatted and merged that partition.

The disk then loads windows and all the drivers.

  ronec 16:44 01 Nov 2007

Hi Guys. Thanks for all the replys My laptop s an Acer Aspire 9302. It comes with a loaded handbook, but it tells you nothing about what is installed and how to use it. The sticker on the machine says it has 120GB hard drive, but when you start the computer and check the drives, it has two that each have 51.9\GB each. I have a backup file on the 'D' drive and was wondering what the rest of the space could be used for. Is it just for storing files on,or could programs be installed on it. I find Vista soon fills up hard drive space, as you can see from the original 120GB, I only had two 51.9GB available, 18GB having disappeared somewhere. Another thing I found out is that the 1GB of RAM is shared with the graphics, so I lose 215mb straight away.

  Totally-braindead 16:55 01 Nov 2007

The only comment I can make is about the RAM, this is common but its quite cheap to add more memory if you wish and the laptop can support it ok, as an example I just bought 1 gig for a laptop from Crucial for £17.03 so its not dear.

  Quiller. 17:47 01 Nov 2007

" 18GB having disappeared somewhere. "

System restore, in vista, uses 15% of the total hard drive space. So 15% of a 120Gb hard drive is 18Gb.

click here

  ronec 16:24 02 Nov 2007

Thanks Quiller and everybody else. That explains things, shame Acer cannot enlighten owners in their manual.

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