what does case sensitive mean?

  Dell latitude 20:40 20 Jul 2006

what does case sensitive mean?


  SANTOS7 20:41 20 Jul 2006

lowercase UPPERCASE

  SANTOS7 20:43 20 Jul 2006

when you are typing in say a password if you type it in lowercase you cannot type it back in as UPPERCASE....

  skidzy 20:46 20 Jul 2006

Easy terms,maybe you have Caps lock on when typing a password etc.Even number lock can be sensitive too.

  Jim Thing 20:57 20 Jul 2006

In the days when typesetting was done by assembling separate letters cast in lead, capital letters were stored in the top part of the typesetter's cabinet — i.e.they were in the upper case; small letters were kept in the lower case. Hence 'upper case' and 'lower case' are just another way to say 'capitals' and 'small letters'.

If something (a password for example) is said to be case sensitive, it means that if you've originally typed it as ABCD, the computer won't recognise it if you subsequently type abcd. And vice versa of course.

Hope this helps

  Lady Lara 21:00 20 Jul 2006

in laymans terms.. case sensitive means i must be copied exaxctly.

What you see is what you type

Aa123 = Uppercase A, lowercase a, 1,2 3

  Dell latitude 21:04 20 Jul 2006

thanks guys :-)

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