What does Athlon 64 X2 4000 Dual Core 4000 Process

  Will 19:47 12 Nov 2007

What does Athlon "64 X2 4000 Dual Core 4000 Processor" mean? I have asystem running at 2.1Ghz and want to buy a motherboard kit to go faster and improve gamability. All the upgrades used to talk about processor speed but now it seems rare to find the spec saying what speed the processor works at. I know they were talking about the speed becomeing difficult to asess in the future but if a game asks for a 2.8 or 3 gig processor how can I identify the right bundle?

  Totally-braindead 20:04 12 Nov 2007

The 4000 bit is the main thing to look at really what they are saying is that it is equivalent to a 4 ghz computer processor, I say equivalent as the processor won't run at that speed it will run slower but because of the way it actually does its work it will be equivalent to a 4 ghz processor.
Clear as mud isn't it? Sorry doing my best.
The dual core and the x2 tells you it has 2 processors on the one chip so it can run 2 applications at the same time with no loss of speed, if it was a single core and you did the same thing then it would be half the speed as the processor would have to split its processing over the 2 programs.
The mention of the 64 is that its optimised for 64 bit windows which doesn't really mean that much as 99 of people do not have 64 bit windows and 64 bit windows has a few differculties with things.
Some of the newer games are actually optimised to take advantage of dual core and will run better on a dual core system.
Thats roughly it.
A 4000 dual core processor is not slow by any means but its rather old and really unless its really, really cheap you should be looking at something a bit faster.

  Will 20:10 12 Nov 2007

it is cheap but I prefer to go with a motherboard bundle and have a limited budget and going seperately the items start mounting. Have you seen any good deals lately that you would recomend?

  Totally-braindead 20:10 12 Nov 2007

Motherboard bundles from Novatech click here with new tower and a reasonable power supply as yyours might not be powerful enough click here and another company that do some nice stuff click here and click here

Just some food for thought, depends on your budget and what you want to do with it. No point buying a Ferrari if you want to move a sofa.

  Totally-braindead 20:12 12 Nov 2007

What power supply do you have as if it needs replaced you are better buying the one with the new case and power supply as its cheaper.
I've bought a few from Novatech.

  Will 20:15 12 Nov 2007

Thanks again. I will now have a look at the stuff you suggest. FYI the last upgrade I did I got a new tower and heavey duty PSU so hopefully that will suffice but I will check all that. Thanks for your help.

  Totally-braindead 20:21 12 Nov 2007

If the power supply is 400 watts or above and you don't put in a really powerful graphics card it will probably be fine. If its say 300 watts to be honest I would replace it, unless its a branded make power supply that might be ok depending on what spec you end up with.

I'm not wanting to put you off or anything but I think I should mention about windows.

I assume its XP you have and if its not a full version of windows IE if its an OEM version then it is meant to die with the motherboard and if you try installing it on a new PC it will fail validation. Microsoft might revalidate it or they might not. Its something you might want to consider. OEM is cheaper than the full version as its just meant to be on the one PC and when the PC dies it dies. The full version can be moved onto a new PC as long as its removed from the old one.

Happy building.

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