What does 1440X900 resolution actually look like?

  al42 17:46 22 Apr 2007

Hi all. I'm thinking of buying a widescreen monitor and am trying to get my head round the resolution question. The monitor I want has 1440 X 900 resolution and I'm wondering how that compares with the monitor I have now in terms of what's actually visible. My current monitor has standard 4:3 aspect ratio with native reolution of 1280 X 1024. With the new monitor at 1440x900, would that mean I'd see more horizontally but less vertically? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

  anskyber 20:18 22 Apr 2007

It depends on the screen size you go for.

Ratios are just that, ratios. Taking a typical TV for example if you literally take a tape measure and measure the height of a standard aspect screen you would need a much larger widescreen to get the same height because the screen is measured on the diagonal.

Putting it simply if you want the same height you will need to invest in a big screen. given that many web sites are designed for standard format screen (look at the BBC site as an example) on widescreens you will get more "dead" space at each side.

More site will go widescreen eventually but the real advantage now is for watching DVDs which have a widescreen format of for Vista which benefits from wiedescreen with more space for the sidebar with gadgets.

  Peter 23:07 22 Apr 2007


As anskyber writes "It depends on the screen size you go for."

I've given this some thought as I should be upgrading sometime soon. At present I have a 19", 3 x 4 aspect ration screen and don't want to loose out on screen height when I go wide screen. Some fairly simple geometry calculations indicate that I will need to go for a screen size of at least 23.5" to keep the screen height.

I'm not sure if the magnification will stay the same as the height resolution of 1024 that I'm used to might not be supported on a wide screen model and I might end up with 1050 or 1080 which will reduce magnification slightly.

All of this may be academic as the most prevalent large wide screen available with a new PC seems to be 22"


  rodriguez 23:33 22 Apr 2007

click here - it would look similar to that, only mine's blurrier as I had to resize the image to 1440 x 900 (my monitor doesn't support a high resolution like that) but the aspect ratio is the same as what you'd expect.

  al42 00:15 23 Apr 2007

Thanks to you all for those very helpful posts. Of course I should have mentioned screen size in the OP (currently I have 17" and I'm thinking of getting a 19" widescreen) but you've covered that for me anyway. Thanks again.

  keef66 15:16 24 Apr 2007

I recently went from a 17" 4:3 CRT to a 20" wisescreen in order to maintain the visible screen height. (Its a Samsung 205BW, and it looks delicious)
Maybe it's because it's altogether less bulky than the crt, or maybe it's the widescreen format, but I still think it looks a bit smaller!
More importantly to me, 20" widescreens have better resolution than their 19" equivalents which seem to be just the same as 17" ones (but presumably with bigger pixels).

Anyway, the benefits are:

Loads of deskspace suddenly becomes available
Much lower power consumption, which is a plus unless you rely on the monitor to heat the room.
Finally able to use the DVI output from the graphics card
Much better peripheral vision in games
Marvellous for documents in landscape, comparing 2 docs side by side, much less scrolling across in mammoth Excel spreadsheets.
Better in Photoshop because the tool palettes don't get in the way of the picture you're working on.

I could go on. People say I do. 20" or larger and you won't regret it!

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