What do you want Windows to do

  Hayrick 11:02 25 Nov 2005

Is there a way of stopping this (to me annoying) Windows pop up from appearing whenever a CD is inserted in a drive. I never use it and always close it.

  johnnyrocker 11:05 25 Nov 2005

bit more explanation please?


  Rigga 11:09 25 Nov 2005

> click here <


  GroupFC 11:09 25 Nov 2005

I think if when it pops up you select "take no action" (or words to that effect) and tick the little box that says something along the lines of "always perform this action" (or again words to that effect), you should not see it again.

  GroupFC 11:11 25 Nov 2005

But then again Rigga's "click here" looks like the way to go!

  Hayrick 11:14 25 Nov 2005

This offers choices of programs to use with respect to the CD DVD. I prefer to choose the program to use not the ones offered in the list. It, to me, is just annoying.

  Hayrick 11:29 25 Nov 2005

Thanks Rigga for the info

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