What do you think your os will be in 2 years time?

  Linus Tourvalds 14:53 25 Sep 2003

I know this isnt asking for help but ive seen other posts about views etc so i wanted to do one

What OS do you think you will be using in 2 years time?

I say this because of the growth in LINUX and open source software. At last people are realising that there is a whole way of doing things that dont involve microsoft.

I myself was very new to computers until about 2 years ago when i bought my first pc (that i still have and it still runs great)

I used to think that the only way of doing things was the microsoft way, i had no idea that you could get so much more FOR FREE!!!!!

I downloaded and installed Mandrake 9.1 and WOW!! It puts ANY microsoft os to shame, first of all it is FREE!!!

second of all it includes a whole host of applications ALSO FREE!!!!! i do not earn a great deal of money and for me to get all the latest applications (office xp, webdesign tools, etc) not to mention the bloated operating systems say win xp pro, would have cost me fortune and i would have found my self using pirate software because i coulnd afford the original. NOT WITH LINUX!

I can now enjoy a fuller, and more stylish os for FREE.

I use firebird for the internet (which is so much better than ie6 due to tabbed browsing) and Evolution for my email (that includes alot more features than ms outlook)

as well as all the full office suite and graphics and video editing progs.

I read somewhere once that the average desktop computer only uses about 1/3 of its power. It is like keeping a farrari to go to the shops. and yet the pressure is stil on to upgrade.

So if linux can turn a complete novice to using it and scrapping windows in a mere 2 years, what will everyone else do bearing in mind i had NO computer experience prior to 2 years ago.

Do you think Linux or bsd or osx or lindows will push bill gates off his throne?

and will you pay another few hundred quid when loghorn (windows 2005 comes out)?

Oh and before gandalf and pops start, no i dont want any rude or sarcastic comments


  seedie 16:15 25 Sep 2003

I'll probably be using w98SE.
Tried mandrake 9.1 and discovered if I put my Word and Excel files on a CDROM they would port over easily. However, none the spreadsheet programs seemed to support a function which I use regulary.
Part of the trouble too I suspect is that I am not as young as you and I'm getting resistant to change.

However, I would love to see linux gaining a stronger foothold with consumers.


  Kitz E Kat 16:17 25 Sep 2003

if you don't want 'rude or sarcastic' comments from POPS or Gandalf, they can't help it, and i kinda like it.......

What will i be using in two years time , aint got a clue.....


Had Red Hat on my lapper, however when i went wireless its gone, cos aint no drivers for the wireless gear for Linux..

Tried to download stuff for Linux, got bogged down with tar and gzip and the rest....

Got Mandrake, had to install 3 times before i could fianlly log on!!! To turn off, you hit the kill switch, sohisticated ? NOT....

Got free BSD, now i know why its free!!!!!

I will load Red Hat no a PC again as i do like it and there is loads of free stuff....

But much as it kills me to say this , for all that's said about it, XP is good, wireless gear picked up straight away, Apple Keyboard(tasty!!), picked up straight away, ete, etc...

Download a program and you do not have to know about tar and gzip files and how to configure..

So for joe and mary bloggs the answer is M$ and will be till Linux is a more user friendly OS..

Of course there is the biggie of them all, the main man, the very tasty mac OSX.......

Now that's an OS....
Built on a UNIX base you can configure and tar and gzip till the cows come home or live in complete ignorance of all that and just do things!!!!!

Good luck

Kitz E Kat

  seedie 16:19 25 Sep 2003

I also meant to say,and please don't be offended by by this,your moniker probably won't go down too well in linux land.

Regards CD

  Linus Tourvalds 16:24 25 Sep 2003

you mean my nickname? well i am a member of quite a few linux forums and they all think its great! I have had no complaints of anyone and as i said i am a member of quite a few.

if this is what you mean by moniker

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 16:25 25 Sep 2003

Slackware Linux. Its taken over my PC, It will if needs be run Office XP, Just a shame about the sims. If it wasnt for my missus and the sims I wouldnt need to dual boot at all.

  Linus Tourvalds 16:27 25 Sep 2003

hi mate i just penned you an email, hope your slacks ok now after the kernel compile.

email you later


  seedie 16:32 25 Sep 2003

OK Linus. Seems I misjudged the reception badly.


  The Sack 16:35 25 Sep 2003

Either XP still or Linux. No chance i am getting another M$ OS, i dont like the way they are sneeking in DRM now let alone it being embedded in the OS from the start.

  Linus Tourvalds 16:37 25 Sep 2003

i wasnt having a go seedie sorry if i sounded abrupt
no offence meant

  kingkenny 16:38 25 Sep 2003

MS Longhorn

well...if they change the name, :)

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