What do you think of this laptop

  charlton200 07:14 16 Aug 2011

Hi, I am looking to buy my first laptop. I would like a 17" one (desktop replacement). I only do general computer tasks and surfing the web, picture, itunes and youtube ect( no games). The most I want to spend is £400-£450 but I don't want a slow laptop.

I have seen this one in Comet and wonder if the specifications and anything I might not have concidered should be taked into account.

Toshiba C670-14N it is £399

  northumbria61 14:58 16 Aug 2011

Appears reasonable for what you want to use it for.

As an alternative but for a bit more cash you could consider this HP one with a higher specification (ie; 750GB HDD - Seperate Graphics card as opposed to "shared graphics" HDMi connectivity for connecting to TV etc) and has a 2yr Warranty

  northumbria61 14:59 16 Aug 2011

* Note - this HP one is Quad Core * for multi-tasking (something we men can't do !)

  charlton200 18:29 16 Aug 2011

That looks a good laptop, thanks for pointing it out. I shall study them carefully and compare them.

  northumbria61 08:07 17 Aug 2011

It is always good to compare specifications before you make your final decision. If you need any other laptops to compare post here I will look around for others within your budget.

  charlton200 09:44 17 Aug 2011

That would be helpful. I am unsure what processor is best and what is rubbish. I have had my computer so long that I'm out of touch. Will I need more than 2 USB ports ? will i need HDMI? I have questions like that. With the Toshiba I posted and the one you recommended (HP) which is the better processor there? As I've said, I have never owned a laptop before but I know I'd like a 17" one, the other are too small.

Thanks for help. much appreciated.

  northumbria61 13:19 17 Aug 2011
  1. The Toshiba is Dual Core (Intel Pentium)
    1. The HP is AMD Phenom 11 Quad Core (4 brains are better than 2)
    2. The Toshiba has shared graphics
    3. The HP has its own dedicated Graphics Card
    4. The Toshiba has a 500GB HDD
    5. The HP has a 750GB HDD
    6. The Toshiba has 2 x USB Ports
    7. The HP has 3 x USB Ports
    8. The Toshiba has no HDMi connection
    9. The HP has a HDMi connection
    10. The Toshiba has no Bluetooth Connection
    11. The HP has Bluetooth

My own personal preference would be the HP one.

1.Better Processor. 2.3 x USB Ports (You never know when you will need an extra one) 3.HDMi - for connection to a HD Ready TV (even if you have no plans to do this now you may have in the future) 4.Bluetooth - connect to compatible devices 5.Included Software

Plus you will have peace of mind with the extra Warranty with John Lewis 2yrs (John Lewis always give an additional 12 months to the manufacturers Warranty - you won't get this at Comet unless you pay for it)

I hope this helps you !

  charlton200 18:56 17 Aug 2011

Northumbria61, you have been a great help. The HP looks the one. Thanks for telling me about it.

  northumbria61 22:40 17 Aug 2011

Click on Product Demo on this page for a short video link text

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