What do you think of the Advent PC's?

  Jackie1 08:45 07 Feb 2004

I'm in a DILEMNA what should we do? We need a new PC and don't know which is the best value for money. Looking at spending around £1000-£1300. The Advent looks ok but ones intel P4 and the others AMD Athlon 64. Then there's all the other makes & models? Please help!!! We're new to all this really but do like to download songs & just trying a movie but really have no idea.

Any help would be great.



  Diodorus Siculus 08:49 07 Feb 2004

Have a look at the reviews sections of this and other PC Mag sites; PCPro do a good listing of machines, as does ComputerShopper.

Advent generally speaking are OK but rarely seem to come out top in tests.

  Jackie1 09:05 07 Feb 2004

They seem to be but looking at the specs but still not sure. I'll have a look at the reviews. PC World were of no help as and I quote " We don't want your custom" so now we don't want to spend our money with them and will go elsewhere. Does anyone know if it's only PC World or other Dixon Group companies that do Advent? Or will we be able to get one from other shops?

  MisterPaul 09:08 07 Feb 2004

I don't think they do Advent, but I have bought a pc, laptop and lods of extras from them. THey are competitively priced, you get good customer service, and I ahven't found anywhere better yet. I was looking at a pc for around £700. I got the same spec as everyone else was offering from Staples for £400.


  Goodtime 09:09 07 Feb 2004

I bought a new Advent Laptop P4 just before xmas and I am very happy with the performance of it.
I used to build my own PC's so I took a bit of a risk but I feel the money was well spent.
The only thing is, do you really need a P4?

Hope that helps


  rickf 09:09 07 Feb 2004

Advent is the brand name od Dixon Group exclusively. Try Eversham, Novatech etc. The later is probably cheaper spec fpr spec.

  AubreyS 09:14 07 Feb 2004

A friend of mine rang Dell, 0870 907 5818 and negotiated a very good deal with them over the phone. If you have the spec that you require all written down before you ring them and try a bit of haggling with them. It's worth a phone call.

  Jackie1 09:15 07 Feb 2004

Not sure what kind of processor we need but I figure if we need a new PC might as well get a up to date one?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:21 07 Feb 2004

What do you want the PC for? If high end gaming it will be a little different in spec to having it for video editing, for example.

Yes, it is good to get an up to date machine, but no point in getting the very top of the range when a technology that is a few months old will do all that you want, and more, at a significant saving.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:39 07 Feb 2004

If you are not using the computer for really serious gaming there is no need to spend so much. £699-£799 will be more than enough to get an excellent computer. The difference between AMD and Pentium is really only academic, it will not make a pig's burp which chip is used. A 350mhz, five year old chip will run word, Excel and Photoshop 7 nearly as fast as an AMD 3200. Compaq computers are quite good or a Medion will be excellent. PCWorld is a good place to buy off the shelf.

'We don't want your custom'....are you sure that a member of the sales staff said that as, in my experience, it is always the opposite way round. It is up to you but I would not let one rogue member of staf upset me. It is not PCW that do not want your custom. Up to you.


  Indigo 1 10:44 07 Feb 2004

For what it's worth, my first PC was an advent and was nothing but trouble until I learned how to fault find and resolve it's problems. PC world were no help at all and I became very frustrated with it.

After a year or so messing about with it I decided That I could build a beter one which I did. So although the pc was crap it taught me a lot ! But I spent a long time re-configuring it which would have been better spent making use of a betterone.

If you don't know much about PC's and just want it for leisure activities and are not interested to fix it when things go wrong get an I-MAC.

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