What do you think of the Advent PC's?

  Jackie1 08:45 07 Feb 2004

I'm in a DILEMNA what should we do? We need a new PC and don't know which is the best value for money. Looking at spending around £1000-£1300. The Advent looks ok but ones intel P4 and the others AMD Athlon 64. Then there's all the other makes & models? Please help!!! We're new to all this really but do like to download songs & just trying a movie but really have no idea.

Any help would be great.



  Lozzy 10:20 07 Feb 2004

For that amount your going to spend I would suggest that you can get a top of the range PC. There is no such thing as a bad PC, what gives PC's bad rep is the Help you get from the manufacturers support lines.

I would strongly suggest that you do as much research as poss. All PC's do the same functions However some are more specialized than others. For Example if your a serious gamer you will need a a PC geared to high ram memory super fast graphics card and good sound card. So know what your primary use of the PC is going to be then spec out a PC then do a comparison between manufacturers.

I personally like DELL some people don't because of there Help and support. But they are work horses not the fastest PC's but will run and run 12hrs a day every day without issues. Well for me at least no issues.

1. Know what your going to use the PC for

2. Spec it out by doing research

3. Ask as many people you can for their opinions

Also try looking at PCA's mag Best Buys they are impartial and give excellent advise.]

Best of luck

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