What do you think?

  Elrond 13:44 11 Jan 2003
  Elrond 13:44 11 Jan 2003

I was just wondering if it would not be a good idea for an automated e-mail to be sent to all new users telling them that if they have a problem they shud clearly state system specs etc. Also that if they've got a problem to check if there has been anything new installed to the system recently and state this in the question. I was just wondering because to me it often seems that these are the first replies to may a question and i think if new useers are aware of these then problems can get resolved a lot quicker. I this e-mail already exists(i can't remeber when i first signed up) then I am sorry. I just thught i'd suggest it in the light of forum improvements. Not that many are needed as this place is invaluable and quite addictive.

  SDJ 13:48 11 Jan 2003

Yeah I agree, many other forums give the option for a footnote including your system specs to appear on each thread.
Im aware that this may use more space but by the time others post to ask for system specs (if the initial post doesnt provide them) and a reply is posted it may as well have been done in the first place.
I not saying we have to go down the line whereby people have little icons and silly rhymes etc but I feel this could be handy

  watchful 13:54 11 Jan 2003

I also think this is a good idea as many new users (including myself) fail to notice some of the headers on this site and lots of thread titles do not reflect the gist of the question. It would also help in searches if all the titles bore some relation to the problems.


  spartan 14:15 11 Jan 2003

I think I am the culprit for this new thread I will endevour to give all info needed . your idea is sound I think that us new peole to p. c's auotomaticaly assume that you know every spec of a machine in use a testament I think to your knowledge and willingnes to help

  Elrond 14:17 11 Jan 2003

It wasn't you that triggered my though Spartan(so don't feel guilty) I actually meant to put this post up the other day but forgot

  Taran 14:18 11 Jan 2003

The volume of traffic issues could affect site performance. That's a lot of extra emails to be sent out which all conspire to affect avaialble bandwidth resources.

I'd actually like to see the option for emailed notification of a reply to a post turned off by default, with the option to turn it on. Some threads go to may pages and the originator often ends up with dozens, or in rare cases several hundred, replies.

I think that bandwidth could be better used; after all, it's relatively easy to add a specific thread to your favourites so that when you log back into the site you can find it to see if anyone has replied.



  watchful 14:23 11 Jan 2003

You have a good point there. I for one, when posting a question, have omitted to untick the e-mail box and have received several e-mails.
I usually check for replies by looking at 'My Postings'.


  Elrond 14:23 11 Jan 2003

I don't know if you can do this already if so i'd like to know how. Instead of having to search for one your own postings for a particular subject, shudn't you be able to just click my postings and all in the time period specified show up?

  watchful 14:31 11 Jan 2003

Do you mean putting 'My Postings' in the search facility?


  Elrond 14:34 11 Jan 2003

No. Youd leave the subject field Blank and just put My Postings and Past Week (for example) then click search. Then all postings for that week come up

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