what do you think?

  jgosden 12:18 06 Mar 2004

what do you think of my website??

click here

i really want to know what people think of it any comments please either post on the site or here

thanks a lot!!

you Have a good colour scheme, and the overall look is something I like. the trouble is that go faster stripes are all very well but your car could do with an engine, where's your content?

there's nothing there to inspire people to join, you need to get on and put up some of the promised tutorials and fill out the content more in order to keep peoples interest.

  Taran 13:02 06 Mar 2004

The layout shows promise - all you need is more content and things will certainly pick up.

  jgosden 13:05 06 Mar 2004

ok i will work on content this afternoon. just really asking about the general layout, before i go aand do everything

  Forum Editor 13:05 06 Mar 2004

It's a YaBB forum, and there are thousands of them out there - you'll need to add a lot more to it by way of content and atmosphere if you're going to attract much traffic.

The Internet's like the night sky, there are millions of little lights twinkling out there. Your eye is caught by one that is that little bit brighter. Aim to make your forum the one that catches the eye - especially as you're calling it a web design forum.

  jgosden 13:40 06 Mar 2004

i guess what i really am not sure is what to put on here. I had the idea of putting tutorials on here on how to make a site but other than that am struggling for ideas of what would be good to put on a site like this? any ideas anyone???

  Taran 14:03 06 Mar 2004

Useful ilnks to other sites are always a good start but it may be worth checking with some of them whether they allow general linking.

If you want to keep things web related you could offer links to the script sites like Hotsripts.com, the W3C site with its lists of specification standards, guidelines and code valdators, the excellent W3Schools site [w3schools.com] which has some superb reference matrial, Webmonkey click here is always a good place to start...

How about a simple guide to setting up Matt's Script FormMail ?

Lots of people struggle with that sort of thing so you don't necessarily have to knock yourself out trying to find ideas for tutorial topics. A simple PHP form mailer demonstration could also work wonders, as could the basics of CSS or why XHTML is the arguable future of the web and what its fundamental differences are to HTML [notice the potential to reference these topics with the links I mentioned earlier ?]. Tutorials do not need to be terribly advanced, they just need to be accurate and easy to read, and obviously of a relevant subject to the direction your own site will be taking.

I'd put a little bit of information up there, maybe spend a week or two creating a small selection of links and a couple of tutorial articles. Ask any computer friends what they might like to see on a website and tell them about yours. And tell them to tell their friends who, with luck will tell theirs.

If you have a couple of articles, tutorials or general topics available for discussion and you can get a few mates to pop on over to your site things could start rolling from there. At the moment you have the means for people to discuss things but not much to get them going.

  jgosden 14:09 06 Mar 2004

thanks for the help, i see what youy mean.

The site hasn't gone live yet (havn't really told anyone) as its still in development. I will try and write some tutorials for some of this and hope to get discussions going from there!!


  rickf 17:39 06 Mar 2004

This could develop into a really helpful site. The colour scheme is really attractive and easy to the eye and that makes it very inviting to stay on it. Layout is very good too. As said you probably need more on it.

  jgosden 16:37 07 Mar 2004


i am hoping that this will develop into a good site!!

i first started making websites a few years ago and this is definately the best by far!!

so i really have high hopes for it!!

i am going to right tutorials on several aspects of websites and hope that this will really help!!!

thanks all, any suggestions PLEASE let me know

  Taran 19:09 07 Mar 2004

Just remember not to knock yourself out over your tutorials.

Original content is all well and good and I applaude the direction you are taking, just make sure you start by keeping things quite brief, easy to read and useful.

It's all too easy to get lost and end up with a tutorial a mile long.

Here's an example which came to mind this afternoon when I was thinking [on a weekend too] about your site. A colleague of mine at college asked me to overcheck a tutorial he had 'prepared' as a beginners guide to Dreamweaver a couple of years ago. He'd covered a lot of basic HTML and completely forgotten about setting up a site in Dreamweaver. If you don't know how to set up a Dreamweaver site, assigning its root folder, images folder [and testing server for more advanced projects] then you can guarantee to trip yourself up before you even start.

The point it, don't go all out unnecessarily. Gentle introductions in bite sized chunks work wonders. They are also very useful to build on where an introduction to something can be continued on, say, a monthly basis, working up into a complex and comprehensive set of articles. Don't forget how useful screengrabs can be as well; when doing any sort of tutorial on a particular program it can really help to have a screenshot of some of the most important stages.

Break your subjects into jigsaw pieces and focus on one piece at a time. If you plan things properly each piece will follow on from the last and your tutorial[s] will grow into a valuable resource which is bound to attract attention on your forum.

Good luck with it.

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