What do you ?

  Bike-it 23:06 15 Jul 2005

What antivirus do you use, i am currently using Kaspersky personal 5 but it is due to expire, i have been looking at others and the one which keeps appearing as the best there is at the moment is The Shield pro, only £18.00, the reason i am looking to move away from Kaspersky is it slows my pc to a snails pace, something that the Shield pro does not according to the reviews.
feel free to let me know about other antivirus programms.

  User-312386 23:08 15 Jul 2005

AVG click here and its free

  De Marcus 23:09 15 Jul 2005

There's no need for any home user to pay for Av software, Avast and AVG come very highly recommended on this forum and are completely free.

  Belatucadrus 23:41 15 Jul 2005

The Shield Pro uses the Hauri ViRobot AV engine and their website proudly claims VirusBulletin 100% status. They fail to mention that they've only ever submitted for trial on 8 of 40 opportunities and they failed 7 of those 8. Easily one of the lowest pass rates of any product listed and significantly worse than any of the free options avast click here , AVG click here or antivir click here .
On top of that The Shield AntiVirus 2005™ is not ICSA labs rated. So IMHO this particular bit of software is very much one to avoid. The free options are much much better.
For a firewall try Kerio click here or ZoneAlarm click here also free and better than a lot of off the shelf equivalents.

  DieSse 23:51 15 Jul 2005

Probably the very best there is - and no, it's not free (free trial tho') click here

  DieSse 23:53 15 Jul 2005

PS- it's also by far the fastest and with least system overheads (of those tested by The Virus Bulletin - where it has the best record of any)

  Bike-it 19:23 16 Jul 2005

Firstly thanks for all the replies, i haved looked at avast but is it totally free or do you only get a sixty day trial free, maybe i am looking at the wrong one. Also does it slow down your system?

  Wak 19:29 16 Jul 2005

With Avast you get 60 days and then you re-register for another free period which I think is about 9 months.
Go for it, I've used Avast for years.

  radi8or 19:50 16 Jul 2005

Have used F-Secure click here for quite a while read a review in, I think, PCA
on about 20 different AV's F-Secure beat the lot
also prevented Trojans.

No free version, and only short free trial, plenty of updates, and haven't had any problems
but then I didn't have any probs with NOD32 or
AVG come to that.

Regards Bob

  stalion 19:53 16 Jul 2005

I use this it's free and deals with viruses and trojans and diallers if you are on dial-up.have not experienced any slow down
click here

  Stuartli 19:54 16 Jul 2005

You can register Avast Free immediately for a period of at least 12 months - at the end of the registration period you merely have to re-register.

It's explained quite clearly on the website...:-)

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