What do the seperate components within my pc do?

  Ricktos 19:41 13 Sep 2005

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2.5Ghz, 256MB, DVD ROM, CD RW, 80GB Hard Drive containing a 64MB Geforce MX 440.

I need to upgrade the RAM and the graphics card but only one will fit within my budget this time around. I'm playing games like Battlefield and Age of Empires 3 and wanted to know what sort of effect each upgrade would have. I know generally that RAM increases the amount of processes that a pc can do at any one time but what effect does this have when playing a game?

I know that the graphics card will increase quality of graphics but if my computer already has trouble with a lot of action on screen in a high res, will a graphics card make much difference and if so, does anyone have any decent ideas about which would be best as a budget card for my setup?

Thanks in advance everyone that replies.

  Diemmess 19:50 13 Sep 2005

My understanding, but I'm not into games!

Your CPU > mid range these days, can only upgrade withinn motherboard limits.

Your RAM > marginal for my pictorial or multi application rather than gaming purposes. Dobling Ram might help.

Your DVD or CD ROM devices > are unlikely to affect games provided they can read reasonably quickly.

Your HD > not likely to have an effect on games provided there is enough free space

  Diemmess 19:53 13 Sep 2005

Pressed the send button too soon

Yopur graphics card > This is where to spend money. The MX440 is a nice card (I use it) but games buffs will recommend all sorts right up to the really expensive. Look at their posts for personal experience.

  Ricktos 19:54 14 Sep 2005

Any gamers got any comments?

  Yoda Knight 19:58 14 Sep 2005

Upgrade your RAM ! At least 512m, but more if you can. Based on the games you mentioned I dont think you will get much more out of them with a higher spec, but next I would look at the grafix card

  Rigga 20:02 14 Sep 2005

For games,

Graphics card - unless you have money to burn, look at either the Geforce 6600GT, or Radeon 9800Pro. Both can be had around or under the 100 pound mark.

You will struggle to get better than that as your motherboard will probably only have an AGP graphics slot, and newer graphics cards use PCI Express.

For memory consider upping to at least 512mb as a minimum, and preferably 1GB.

I use 9800Pro, and 1.5gb for playing UT2004, HL2, and battlefield2. And my system runs fine, although battlefield2 does struggle a little.

If you are into playing offline, against computer opponents, then your CPU may struggle, especially in games like UT2004, and battlefield2.


  woodchip 21:53 14 Sep 2005

You need to buy some BIG FAT BOOKS to be able to learn what they all do. Or should do!

  citadel 21:56 14 Sep 2005

You need 1024 of ram plus a 6600gt or better for modern games. With a mx440 battlefield 2 will probably be like watching a slide show.

  woodchip 22:00 14 Sep 2005

Graphics card is the thing you need to spend money on for gaming. But the comp also needs to be a decent spec also

  hzhzhz 22:07 14 Sep 2005

I would recommend the Radeon x800xl.

  gudgulf 23:20 14 Sep 2005

What cpu is it?....If a Celeron then that will further hamper you.you should definitely increase thr Ram to 512MB.And you are lucky to get an Mx series card to play Battlefield2...it's not in the right league for the games you have being based on DirectX 7 technology

Have a look here AGP Sapphire 9800pro £90..look at the memory prices from the same source.

You will really notice a difference for a total of £120 for both graphics card and(an extra 512MB)memory.You really need to do both.You could also consider the 9600pro from the same source...not nearly as good as the 9800 but would put the budget needed to below £100 and would still be a vast improvrement on what you have.

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