what do people think of pcworld and there staff

  craig-232035 18:37 23 Jun 2003

every time i goto to pcworld to buy something, the staff havnt got a clue what they are talking about they just look at the box and say this is a good one to have.

then i ask him what does the eax stand for he says i dont know sir and what is 6.1 surround he says dont know etc etc

i applied for a job at pcworld and was turned down after seeing some ofthe staff there i was well disappointed on the quality of what they know about computers down there.

i think that pcadvisor should consider making an article on the top best computer shops to buy from and what there staff know.

any feedback on this would be appreciated

  Belatucadrus 18:55 23 Jun 2003

Very variable, from the excellent to the ignorant and uncooperative, but will you find any large retail chain that's any different ?

  KARINA 18:57 23 Jun 2003

I know a guy who works as a Manager for PC World and he told me that they don't necessarily have a clue about everything that they sell...........they are told to act as if they know the intricate details of everything that they sell..........and if a customers is interested in buying a specific product - will they sell it!!!! they will make it out to be the best seller even if it's not.........to me, i would never buy from PC World because after all it belongs to the same group as Dixons and Currys........and their customer service is 'crap'.........once a product has been sold.......then they've done their job............

  wee eddie 18:57 23 Jun 2003

Apart from my experience being totally different from yours.

I think that you are ill advised to criticise someone in a language that you appear to be only lightly conversant with.

  Tups 18:58 23 Jun 2003

I bought a well known printer from pcworld but unfortunately it was faulty.On returning it the next day I was told to return it to the manufacturer. I phoned the manu who Quote said " they don`t know where the On button is".
However pcworld did change it the following day

  Forum Editor 18:58 23 Jun 2003

of threads along similar lines, and unless there's a specific point to be made I would rather not have another one.

There's nothing to be gained by trawling for opinions like this - everyone has a personal view based on experience.

  Agent Smith 19:02 23 Jun 2003

The Truro Branch down here in sunny Cornwall have excellent staff. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Even when I bought some software on-line they changed it, even though it was against company policy. Maybe it's because unemployment is very high down here that makes people more diligent in order to hang on to their jobs. It's just the prices I don't like.

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