What to do with an old computer?

  TimCDC 19:10 11 Jun 2003

Tidying out the loft at the weekend, I found my old computer: a 10 year old IBM PS1 computer that ran Windows 3.1 (I think!) with a black and white monitor. Does anyone know if there is anything more constructive I can do with this than simply throw it away? Clearly it won't run modern programmes, but are there any charities/organisations that can recycle old computers, or put them to good use?

  otubby1 19:49 11 Jun 2003

Have you tried your local school or college? They sometimes like an old machine to practice programming on, so it doesn't matter if they screw things up. If they do, they just re-format.

  Pesala 06:40 12 Jun 2003

I cannot imagine anyone would be interested in a ten-year old machine. You would be wasting more resources trying to find a home for it than you would be throwing it away.

click here

This is what they say they want:

Working items under 5 years Old required.

Notebooks and Laptops urgently required •
Apple Mac systems and printers • PC's - IBM compatible • Printers - Laser, Ink jet and 80 column sheet feed Dot Pin printers • Monitors - Colour SVGA all sizes • Spares - Hard drives 500mb + , 3.5" floppy drives, CPU's, memory, etc. • Peripherals - Mice, CD-ROM's, Modems, Power cables, Printer cables, etc. •Software - MAC and PC compatible • Overhead Projectors • Used - Laser and Inkjet printer cartridges.

  TimCDC 17:26 12 Jun 2003

Yes, it really does seem as though it is too old to be any use to anyone - better get ready for a trip to the tip!

  Bodi 17:52 12 Jun 2003

Please don't throw away your old friend.

It can be used as a word processor or something just as useful. I've just upgraded the memory on an old Intel Pentium 166MMX and the person who received it is over the moon. She can't afford a new computer and the old PC does everything she wants from it.

There is bound to be someone grateful for yours.


  Agent Smith 22:32 12 Jun 2003

Maybe use it as a firewall.

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