What do I need for Wireless Wanadoo?

  Luthien 13:09 06 Jul 2005

I purchased Wanadoo Broadband, supplied by a Thompson SpeedTouch USB modem. My telephone socket is downstairs and I have an extension to the upstairs 'computer room'. After 6 months of trouble-free usage, I can't connect upstairs, although my laptop works ok when connected to the main downstairs socket. The telephone line is okay, BT has given it a clean bill of health. Wanadoo say it's because of the extension and that I could possibly solve the problem with heavier cable, but I don't want the hassle of that, as the exising cabling is routed behind skirting boards. What I'd like to do is have a wireless connection to Wanadoo (I've still got several months on the contract before I can think of changing) and be able to use my tower PC or the laptop. Can any of you guys in the know spell out in simple (very simple) terms what I need to purchase (cards, cables, routers with or without modem) in order to achieve this? I find this router stuff kinda confusing. Thanks in advance, guys.

  madferrit 11:03 20 Jul 2005

hi luthien i have wanadoo, have you tried unpugging all your phones etc exept for your modem upstairs and trying it that way as sometimes it does not pick it up as there are to many devices on the one line,first unplug everything apart from your modem upstairs then try to connect if it connects plug everything back in one by one and don't forget to use your filters
hope this helps

  Dipso 13:34 20 Jul 2005

Firstly you need to find out whether your PC has a network or Ethernet socket click here each. Most recent PC's have, if not post back.

Does your laptop have a wireless card? Look in Control Panel, Network connections for Wireless Network Adapter. If not you will need to buy one of those.

It is advisable to get a combined wireless modem/router and keep your Speedtouch as backup. These are the most popular click here

  Dipso 13:36 20 Jul 2005

...that your post is a couple of weeks old so you may have resolved your original problem.

  Taff36 01:04 21 Jul 2005

click here Go to my last post and follow the three links. Make notes or add the pages to your favourites temporarily and follow all the links to other sites and posts. Good luck - post back if you want to ask questions.

  Luthien 12:52 21 Jul 2005

I'd given up on that posting and did a little bit more digging, settling for a 3Com router that's done the job. Now I can wander with the laptop!
madferrit - tried your suggestion, but still no-go. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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