What do i need for wifi network with no 802.11

  Evanz 17:33 10 Aug 2007

I have a basic pc that runs broadband (virgin) fine but only just 512mb mem Pentium 4 no wifi card only an Ethernet cable,i believe it would be possible to
connect to wirelessly to my computor if i had a router and a usb adapter is that all i would need? and would it work as in the router would be connectet to me ethernet cable? Thanks sorry i know thia is the most basic of questions also would it matter if say my router was netgear and the adapter berkin or do they need to be the same Thanks

  HCOOH 20:25 10 Aug 2007

Virgin Media is a cable supplier so you would need a cable router to connect to your modem. There are various adapters some USB and some PCI, as for compatibility most work together but if you are buying both a similar make seems the better option.

  Strawballs 21:08 10 Aug 2007

As for the compatibility I have VM broadband with a Linksys router 1 PC plugged direct by wire (in the same room) 1 PC (upstairs) wireless using Novatech own brand PCI card 1 laptop with built in broadcom wirless anywhere in the house and garden also works over the road I have also connected to it from a neighbours house using his laptop and a belkin USB adapter.

Router click here any one of these.

Adapter any 802.11g USB or PCI

Setting it all up click here

  Evanz 16:09 11 Aug 2007

Thank you both

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