what do i need to set up a fax line?

  GEEKSTA 22:20 03 Jan 2008

I want to set up fax which i will use when i buy my all in one printer with 'FAX'

So what do i exactly need to do this?
I am with virgin for my landline.

Can i set up my fax line on the same line as my telephone line, without any sort of interference??

What would be the costs per page for sending a fax and also for receiving?


  DieSse 22:34 03 Jan 2008

"Can i set up my fax line on the same line as my telephone line, without any sort of interference??"

Yes - all you do is connect the fax facility you have to your regular landline, just as if it's another telephone.

If you're on broadband ADSL, you'll need a filter on the line, just like on your telephones.

Not it won't interfere - a fax call, in or out, is just another telephone call.

It'll cost whatever the equivalent length/destination telephone call would cost.

  xania 09:15 04 Jan 2008

The problem with using a fax and phone on one line is the way the fax works. You will need to set it to AUtomatic, which means that the fax will answer first and the recognise that its not another fax before notifying you of an in-coming call - by which time the caller, having heard various fax type sounds, will assume hes got a wrong number and hang up. Alternatively, you need to set you fax to Phone, in which case you will not receive faxes automatically and you will have to tell all potential faxers that they must first telephone you to ask you to set up your fax.
Frankly, if fax is important (and most times e-mail is more effective nowadays) I would opt for a second line.

  silverous 13:24 04 Jan 2008

I'm with xania - I have an all-in-one with Fax and it works well for the odd send either via the All-in-one or via the PC utilising the all-in-one's phone connection however for receiving (i've never received a fax on it) I've got it set to manual. So if someone said "I'm sending you a fax" I could put it in receive mode ready to answer the call. You can usually also set them to answer after x rings so you get chance to go to the phone first, then the fax picks it up after x rings. That said, xania's correct - if you are doing a lot of faxing get a dedicated phone line for it.

  €dstowe 14:26 04 Jan 2008

Most all-in-ones already have a filter on the telephone line to filter out HF signals used for ADSL.

Be careful to remove any other filter that you may already have on the line. Multiple filters can cause problems.

  GEEKSTA 17:04 04 Jan 2008

Ok thanks,
but what would be the charges for having a separate line for fax?
What would virgin think of it?

  DieSse 18:06 04 Jan 2008

"but what would be the charges for having a separate line for fax?"

Whatever BT or Virgin charge for a second telephone line - that's all it is, a telephone line. Plus the cost of the calls.

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