what do I need to do to get the site up?

  Marko797 09:06 31 Oct 2007

Apols in advance but am lost with this.

I've developed my site which comprises 8 or so pages for my small business (I'm selling services not goods), and wish to get it on the net.

I *assume* now I need to get someone to host it and choose a domain name? Is this correct?

So looks like there's a fee for them to host it, and one to buy the domain name?

Can someone tell me what to do next?

I'm a bit confused by some providers saying it comes with '10,000 pop emails' & has '1500mb of space' etc. Not sure what this means and why I would want 10,000 pop emails or that amount of space at all. I just want to put my web site up.

Can someone please explain in very simple terms?

Thanks in advance.

  CodeMeister 10:11 31 Oct 2007

Hi Marko797,

For simplicity, it may be better for you to purchase your domain name and hosting from the same company.

Having purchased your hosting account, you then need to get the website files from your local P.C. to the server. This is usually done via an FTP account and you will need to install an FTP client application on your computer (I would strongly recommend FileZilla as it is both free and easy to use) and enter the account details that were supplied by the hosting company.

  CodeMeister 10:14 31 Oct 2007

Hi Marko797,

If you are not intending to send anything like 10,000 emails per month, then I would look for another hosting package with a lower limit (assuming that it is cheaper of course).

  Marko797 10:33 31 Oct 2007

for the clear reply...

I'm thinking of using 1&1 as they have an offer on, and they have reasonable reviews.

What I had hoped for was that any email which might be sent to my site, would then be diverted to my AOL account...just for ease really as this is my ISP. Is this an option? or would it be best to use the 1&1/domain account and access my emails separately?

On the ftp bit (didn't know about that at all), are u saying that account detaisl will be provided by whoever I choose to be host?

  CodeMeister 10:53 31 Oct 2007

As part of your domain registration, you should be able to set up email forwarding (click here for a description on the Heart Internet website).

Yes, your hosting company will supply you with FTP account details or maybe CPanel account login details via which you can upload your files.

  Marko797 11:05 31 Oct 2007

Thanks Codemeister, much appreciated.

Have got the filezilla prog but not sure how to use just yet. I suppose it will become clear once I have the info from the host provider.

Just one final Q: I've developed the site using 'wysiwyg web developer 4'. Is this format OK to upload to any host provider, or would I have to use what they might provide?

  Marko797 11:13 31 Oct 2007

1&1 are offering domain name at £2.99/year (min 2 yrs), plus either 250 mb space free for 1st 3 months, then at £1.99/month, or 1.5gb space free for 3 months, then at £4.99/month.

Problem is I don't know how much 'space' I would need. I'm currently at 10 pages with wysiwyg WB4. Would 250mb be enough for me?

  CodeMeister 11:24 31 Oct 2007

I'm not familiar with the 'wysiwyg web developer 4' application because I "hand code" all of my websites because I can then be sure that all of the code complies with the W3C standards.

Presumably that application generates some form of HTML which should be fine.

If you right-click on the folder that contains your web files and then left click on "properties", the resulting dialogue box will tell you how much space those file occupy.

  Marko797 11:38 31 Oct 2007

It says 92kb, which seems small given there are actually 12 pages, & not 10 as I thought. The whole WB4 folder, which includes back-ups and an earlier draft version, only comes in at 863kb. Just seesm odd that it isn't more. Does that make sense?

On the offer from 1&1, do you think it's reasonable?

  CodeMeister 11:44 31 Oct 2007

Hi Marko797,

Yes, that sounds about right. An HTML file is essentially only a text file and is generally very small in size. It's images and Flash movies and databases that use up the most space.

The 250MB that you have been offered is roughly a quarter of a Gigabyte. There are 1024 MBs in a Gigabyte and 1024 KBs in a MB.

  Marko797 11:53 31 Oct 2007

So it looks like I would only need the 250mb of space, which comes in at a reasonable £1.99/month?

I'm guessing that if and when I altered the site which might take it out of the 250mb threshold, then they would advise and ask me to pay accordingly. Would that be right you think?

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