what do I need to connect a camcorder to my PC?

  jbp1982 21:26 17 Nov 2005

Just bought a low cost samsung camcorder. vpd351 model. The guy in Jessops said to connect it to the firewire port.

There's no lead to fit it and no software.

I haven't got a clue about camcorders, never really interested me.

I bought it for the missus to take footage of the kids.

Any guidance appreciated.

win xp sp2

  jbp1982 22:54 17 Nov 2005

hopefully someone will tell me before morning.

  Skyver 23:16 17 Nov 2005

All I can suggest is a Fireware card, probably more to choose from at the site itself click here

  jbp1982 23:19 17 Nov 2005

I have firewire ports on the computer.

So all I need is the lead then>?

  Pamy 09:48 18 Nov 2005

If your wife only wants to take video of the kids and then look at them on TV, then there is no nead to connect it to your computer. If however, you want to burn the footage to a CD/DVD then that opens up a hole new can of worms.


  jbp1982 12:00 18 Nov 2005

yes putting on dvd is what she has in mind. I'm trained to want the same as her.

  stalion 12:47 18 Nov 2005

you will need a firewire lead they sell them at pc world take your camcorder with you to make sure you get the correct one

  stalion 12:49 18 Nov 2005

also you can use windows moveie maker to create videos but if you have further problems after connecting up to your pc post again for help

  jbp1982 15:48 18 Nov 2005

I ain't paying £24.99. Will shop around and post back when I get one.

Leaving this thread open as I'll need more help!

  woodchip 17:12 18 Nov 2005

If you have XP then you already have a Video Editor software on the computer

  De Marcus™ 17:18 18 Nov 2005

Six pound(ish) from click here

Providing you need a small to large (4 to 6 pin) cable.

Or for 6 pin to 6 pin
click here

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