what do i need to buy to wirelessly network

  lonemascot 20:50 08 Oct 2005

I have a broadband router with one ethernet port and one usb port.

my desktop has no ethernet or network ports but lots of usb ports. all my printers are connected to my desktop computer. the computer is not always turned on.

my laptop has a 802.11g wireless network adapter.

I want to be able to connect my laptop wirelessly to my printers and internet.(I want to be able to do this even if the desktop pc is turned off).

i also want to be able to exchange data between the two computers wirelessly.

what hardware do i need to buy to make this possible?

  Freddog 21:09 08 Oct 2005

You will need to buy a Router and a Print Server (if you want to print when the desktops off) and then either buy another USB wireless card or an ethernet card (cheaper) then its done!

  lonemascot 21:12 08 Oct 2005

what is a print server and a router,don't i already have that?

  lonemascot 21:24 08 Oct 2005

i just looked at the prices of print servers etc. too expensive.

if i buy an ethernet port for my desktop and wire the broadband router to that and install a wireless pc card in it as well. will that allow me to wirelessly print, exchange data and go online from my laptop if i leave the desktop pc on?

  lonemascot 21:36 08 Oct 2005

is there something out there that i can plug my printer and broadband into (sort of like a central hub)that will allow me access to them from both my laptop and desktop wirelessly?

  Taff36 10:28 09 Oct 2005

To share the printer you need either a print server (as mentioned before) or you need to have the computer to which the printer is attached switched on.

To go wireless with your laptop you need a wireless broadband modem router (An Access Point)- this will be an ADSL modem/router for a BT line or a Cable router/modem for Telewest/NTL.

Here`s an example of an ADSL one. click here This is just one of many on the market but happens to be a favourite of mine. Note that this package also has a "bundled" USB wireless adapter which costs £29.99 bought seperately. You would use this in your PC USB port to connect it to the router and your laptop would use it`s own card.

Who is your Broadband ISP by the way?

Note that if you buy the bundle from PC World and "Collect from store" you save £20. Simply follow the buy from store options and they will reserve it (If it`s in stock) for up to two days. You print off a ticket and pay when you collect.

  keef66 14:49 10 Oct 2005

You start by saying you have a broadband router with one ethernet and one USB port. This sounds more like a modem to me. That's what I started off with. Now I have a wired router and 2 pc's and a laptop share the BB internet connection, play LAN games, share files, and use the printer attached to the newest desktop pc. As previously mentioned, the main pc has to be running in order to print from the other pc's

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