What Do I need for BB

  David4637 15:14 08 Oct 2011

I currently use Dial Up, what eqpt for using with a laptop (W7)do I need supplied by the ISP for BB - router cables etc, and how much will the cost be, or are they "thrown in"? Thanks David

  northumbria61 15:16 08 Oct 2011

Your ISP will provide all the equipment you need when you sign up to their contract.

  onthelimit1 15:18 08 Oct 2011

These days they generally are, but as you have a laptop make sure the router is a wireless one.

  David4637 15:22 08 Oct 2011

Thanks for your reply - What do I need to change on the laptop, at present I call up Dial up to connect? Thanks David

  onthelimit1 15:49 08 Oct 2011

Have a read of this Your ISP will probably provide a CD to aid set up. Once it's been done, your laptop will connect automatically each time you turn it on.

  Woolwell 15:57 08 Oct 2011

David4637 if, as you stated in another thread that, you don't have antivirus or firewall then I suggest you get that too.

  David4637 15:58 08 Oct 2011

Thanks for your reply- can not you do this as a menu option or is a CD definitely required to set the whole thing up?

  onthelimit1 16:00 08 Oct 2011

You don't need a CD, it can be done by programming the router manually, but it does simplify things if you're not sure.

  mooly 08:30 09 Oct 2011

I would just let Windows handle all the network connections. Set up CD's just add another layer of bloat and update nags and problems. The wireless network icon in your system tray should be showing "networks available" and it's fairly self explanetry once you click on it what to do.

All you need is your routers "pass key" that will be supplied written down for you to enter.


  onthelimit1 09:22 09 Oct 2011

mooly. That's the link I pasted earlier. Surely if he doesn't use the CD for the initial router set up, hee'll have to access the router to input the ISPs details. Not everyone is happy with doing that. I agree, once set up access to wireless is a as easy as you say.

  Colonel* Graham 11:01 09 Oct 2011

The laptop needs to be connected by cable to the router when setting up. Once that is done you can go wireless.

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