What do i need?

  falcoron 12:18 12 Oct 2009

Hi all newbee hear and not too hot on this stuff so i will appologise at the off set!
Im into Hi-FI and am getting a squeeze box touch, to play me cd collection from. I am ripping all my cd's to a samsung story 1TB external storage device via my Fujitsu seimens amilo D1845 laptop, All good so far i know how to do this ok. Problem is mu laptop is way to slow! and as i want to rip everything as high a quality as possible im doing it in flac lossless.
laptop keeps freezing and overheats ( a big problem on this laptop according to all that own them)Anyway i am going to get another laptop so need to know what the magic numbers are to make ripping in flac as high a grade as possible and at as fast as i can without the laptop crapping itself. I dont have a lot of cash, and have been offered a totally mint (with 3 month waranty)
: HP Pavillion G6030EM,
1.87Ghz Core 2 Duo (so is that 1.87ghz x2?)
2gb of DDR2 ram,
160gig sata hard drive,
8x DVD-RW drive,
perfect 15.4" X-Black glossy screen, usual complament of ports, Wifi etc.
It has good speakers for a laptop, featuring a nice set of Altec Lansings

Price wise I'll do it for £195 with a good battery and hp power supply/charger.
That price includes 3 months warranty on the hardware.
Would this do my job? Or is there something better i could get new can only go to £350 max.
I can also buy an external re writer if that will make things faster/better, again im only new to this so all comments welcome

  mooly 07:49 13 Oct 2009

Just some general comments.
To rip a cd to the INTERNAL drive on laptop depends on the speed of the CD/DVD drive. It's going to take around 8 to 10 minutes a CD I guess on a laptop.
That's putting the file onto your internal HDD.
If you then copy that over to a USB connected drive that takes a lot of time too... can you copy direct to the external drive without putting it on the internal one first ? Dunno.

An audio CD (80 minutes worth) holds 700mb of data approx (0.7gb) If your using a lossless format that file size isn't going to come down much in size.

  falcoron 08:11 13 Oct 2009

I know what you mean, but what i dont know is what do i need to do this smoothly and as fast as possible with quality sound at the end.
Is this a good option?
I can stretch a bit on cash to £400 and this seems a good buy with free upgrade to window 7 when it arrives later this month its a

Packard Bell TJ65-AU010 T4200
Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor T4200
(2Ghz, 800Mhz, 1MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
4GB Memory
250GB Hard drive
Would this be good enough to do my task?

  mooly 11:34 13 Oct 2009

There is no quick way. CD's are not designed to spin at high speed, they are not made to close enough tolerance... so that means they can't be read super quickly. Like an unbalanced wheel on a car at speed, they are just not designed to do it. A cd spins at a variable rate (CLV... constant linear velocity) with a maximum speed at the start of 400 rpm under normal real time play. So a drive that could in theory run at say 48X would be pushing 20000 rpm. The disc literally breaks up with catastrophic consequencies. So your stuck with perhaps 8 to 10x speed at best when ripping. Blank media CDR's DVDR etc are made to run at these speeds. When you rip a disc the software "looks" at the quality of data and can increase the speed if it sees fit but not beyond these limits. Many times it has to be slower.

As to quality, that comes down to the compression used (at a basic level).
The speed of transfer has no bearing on the quality at the end for practical purposes, you end up with the same data whether the disc is read at 1X or 10X and similarly when moving files acround from HDD to HDD, you end up with the same data file at the end.

So quality depends on the file format used, which for best quality you want a lossless format.
Also the quality of the player, it's DA conversion and audio stages. This is more likely a limiting factor tbh

It depends how seriously you take your audio... :)

  oldbeefer2 15:48 13 Oct 2009

If serious, you'd stick to vinyl and a valve amp!

  falcoron 17:46 13 Oct 2009

Well old beef i have both Leak Lenco heavily modded with solid walnut and maple plinth and linn arm with a denon MC cart, atube Technology Unisis Sig valve amp aand a nice pair of Living Voice avatar 2 speakers and a Masterclass cd player, and a £1k dvd player for my music concerts.
All of which came to over £10k so im serious enough! Wanna see the piccies?
i just want to fiddle with this as a way of;
1, keeping up to date ( sort off)
2, it interests me.
3, i need my laptop upgraded so im on the lookout and wanted someone who knows loads more than me, which is jack shit!
. I have just got a valve DAC hand made which i will be using along with a squeezebox touch being fed with a samsung 1tb hard drive with all my cd's on and also able to stream all sorts of music to. For serious listening i get the vinyl out, or slide in a good CD.

  oldbeefer2 19:59 13 Oct 2009

Wow - you're speaking my language - must sound fabulous! I am SO jealous!

  falcoron 09:25 14 Oct 2009


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