what do i do?

  farmboy 23:57 24 Apr 2004

My friend has an old computer, which i think does not have a 3d graphics card, but instead it has a built in card. when he took it to a computer shop, to upgrade the graphics card, he was told it could not be done as the mother board could not support it, and a new one was needed. What do you think, i can find out what he has if needed. Does anyone know how much it costs and how many items would be needed to get him up to date in the latest games world, with future games in mind? as regards to the insides of his computer, if his motherboard cannot support expansion.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:01 25 Apr 2004

At a guess, without knowing his specs he would need a new CPU, new MB, new graphics card, possibly USB2, XP and more RAM. It would be better to buy a new computer.


  woodchip 00:01 25 Apr 2004

If he does not have a AGP slot on the MOBO normally a BROWN slot then it means getting a PSI graphics card, not as fast as a AGP click here

  GaT7 00:12 25 Apr 2004

To get it "up to date in the latest games world, with future games in mind" he will need many upgrades, as Gandalf points out, & will do much better getting a new computer with an above average graphics card (at least).

  spuds 00:19 25 Apr 2004

Run a system check belarc click here or something similar, so that you can find what the system contains.

Going for a upgrade on a old computer is not usually a very wise move, as it will cost you more in the end,especially if games are the main interest, compared to a new computer with all the modern components and warranties etc.

  farmboy 18:10 25 Apr 2004

I will get his spec details, and run pc wizard 2004 to find out whats inside. c u soon. cheers folks.

  byfordr 20:42 25 Apr 2004

If he hasn't got a AGP slot he should be able to use a PCI one. Sadly not much selection, about the best £40 ATI 9200 click here


  farmboy 23:28 26 Apr 2004

Obviously i will have to check he has the right requirements for the pci, will contact u at the weekend as regards to spec, hes on afternoons im on mornings, so unable to get to his cpu at present. cheers.

  farmboy 21:08 27 Apr 2004

i have had alook inside my friends computer and he does not have a agp slot,this confuses me as i have run pc wizard 2004, and it tells me that the computer has a agp bus? strange!. Also other details are intel celeron 900mhz (socket), 128 mb ram, isa bus, pci bus, agp bus, usb bus. He has 2 usb ports, a network card for a dialup adaptor( i take it that this is not a nic card). He also has a pc card (pcmcia) - accune.
Also in device manager, there is an option to set the accelerated graphics option, which is currently not on, should i set this to maximum?. If he gets a pci graphics card, can he buy the best 1 or is he limited to a lower spec. Also are pci graphics cards worth buying, are they any good?
I await your supperior knowledge with excitement.

  woodchip 21:46 27 Apr 2004

It's onboard Graphics yes set it to on in BIOS

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