What do i do?

  Help! :D 21:48 14 Feb 2004

Hi, i am a studen who is 16, i recived an email which i downloaded a jpg images. Saddly it was pornography which is illegal at my age, so i deleted it straight away. What can i do to make sure it is off my HD forever and can not be recoverd, also it was adult (+18) so i think it would be legal when i am 18, can you help me distroy and find out thats there to stop it happening again, it is very sad that stuff like this is being sent as emails

  Kitz E Kat 22:01 14 Feb 2004

Yeah its a bit worrying that you can be, em, exposed to this kinda stuff!
In short you can't delete it so that it can never be found ever, sorry!!!!
Good news is i would not panic, bin it and forget it... be carefull what emails you open in future, never reply to be removed from a listing, get some sort of spam blocker, other members will give you the low down on what's best...
I don't use one, i get hardly any spam mail and never got a porno one :-(

create a mail addie that is disposable, IE you don't need and use to register on sites ..
Only use your "proper" mail addie for family , friends and sites you can trust....

Study hard and learn to program , write one that stops this rubbish and sell it to Big Billy and make a fortune!!!!
Goood Luck dude!!!!

  Help! :D 22:09 14 Feb 2004

Thanks Kitz E Kat.As you said, a file can never be deleted,so where is it stored? and how do people find this stuff on your comp, and is it legal to look at the files without you premission?

  bremner 22:16 14 Feb 2004

It is true that to some extent a file can only truely destroyed by puuting the hard drive in a furnace.

But a program such as Cyberscrub (which has been on the pCA coverdisk) can shred the file to the government standard.

This means that to all intents and purposes it has been destroyed.

It could theoretically be recovered by an expensive and detailed method not normally use against 16 year olds who have downloaded one pornographic image.

Sleep easy

  Kitz E Kat 22:17 14 Feb 2004

Well all that happens when you delete a file is the reference to it is removed , but the file is still there , download a copy of PC inspector, it's free and not a big proggie and have a go at recovering some files ...
In time the files will be overwritten by new files you create but even then they can be recovered...
But you need a bit of expertise to do that and some more expensive software...
If you wanna be sure a file is gone forever and ever, you got to trash the drive, open it and smash the discs into little bits and scatter them to the four winds!!!!

Legal what's legal!!!!!
Who's gonna be at it?
Will they try recover your deleted files without your permission?
Put a strong password on you computer so nobody can access it, eh , well you can pretty easy bypass a password , but you don't want to know that!!!! :-)

Chill out delete the file, and forget it!!!
Take care dude!!!

  Help! :D 22:27 14 Feb 2004

Thanks guys, i was a bit scared because you know how it is, someone goes to pc world to get the comp fixed and you find out that they been analysing your HDD, find something and u had it. Also when reading some more info on this, when the space is availble for 'overwrite', can it be with any file, e.g could i overwrite the old file with software?

Thanks for your help, people like you lot deserve to be suucesful for helping others.

  Help! :D 22:49 14 Feb 2004

Sorry, what is a pCA coverdisk

  dfghjkl 23:07 14 Feb 2004

a free disc taped to the front cover of a pc advisor magazine.peter.

  jakimo 01:26 15 Feb 2004

click here

Download mailwasher,and follow the setup instructions

  hugh-265156 01:45 15 Feb 2004

dont worry to much if its just the usuall porn nonsense,im sure most of us have some stored on the hdd somewhere without our knowledge.even if you did download this knowingly,nobodys gona jail you for it.who cares?pc world wont. its one of those things with the inrternet unfortunatly.

i would be very concerned if it involved children etc though but i have never accidently stumbled accross anything like this.

as above,good advice.never open any email or attachemnt you are not expecting and never reply to be removed from mailing lists etc.just delete and forget about it.use xp`s content advisor maybe(if you have xp)and if you wish to restrict certain websites and content also.

  Kitz E Kat 01:56 15 Feb 2004

You aint got nothin to worry about, like nothin..

You were sent a mail that you opened and then deleted, that's it.. end of story..

Somebody is goin to have to run a recovery proggie to "try" recover your deleted data..

Who is goin to bother doin that , some guy in XXWorld? No way , he aint got the time ,he's to busy.....

Sure , he could, and if you were some famous dude, he might, but your not (yet!!!) so he wont...

People get this sorta of crap everyday , you delete it and that's it, gone, no more, finito!!!

( Make sure you empty the trash can/bin)

If you are the paroniod type , you could reformat the drive, it wont completly guarrantee the removal of the offending pictures, but will go some way towards it, it migh make you feel better, but it's a waste of time , i've got stuff of a drive that was formatted several times, but who is goin to do that?

The internet is the greastest thing since Chicken flavoured kad fud, but it has it problems..
You ain't commited no crime, so don't fret...

If the world was full of people like you , we'd have no problems.....

Take care dude , and forget it, it's part of life, that's the way it is....it's nasty and great at the same time....

Get back to your studies!!!

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