What is the differance between

  Madpad_001 09:55 20 May 2006

Just a quick question what is the differance between Frimware & software?

  wobblymike 09:59 20 May 2006

essentially firmware is a program or programs pre loaded by the manufacturer of whatever device we are discussing e.g. a CD ROM drive, to make it work.
software is a program or programs that are loaded independantly into the OS of a PC e.g. adding Microsoft Office 2003 to your PC is adding software to provide, in this instance, word processing, spreadsheet etc facilities.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:01 20 May 2006

FirmWare = Software driven Hardware, basically firmware updates are really just software updates to the chip stored inside the hardware.
most of the time firmware upgrades help with compatibilty issues, especially with newer hardware. also fixes any known bugs and sometimes increases performance/efficiency of the hardware.

Software definitons click here

  gudgulf 10:03 20 May 2006

Sofware = The programs you run on you pc such as Office applications games and drivers for you hardware.click here

Firmware = The information needed by pieces of equipment to operate correctly.This could be for a CD/DVD player and contain a list of the types of blank disc it will work with etc.It is the equivalent of the motherboard BIOS information which can be flashed to update the hardware support etc.click here

  Madpad_001 19:25 20 May 2006


  Jackcoms 19:37 20 May 2006

Wares simply means goods - and the two original terms (in computers) were:
Hardware - physical goods
Software - programs (i.e. non-physical goods)

Quickly followed by:
Firmware - programs permanently residing in Hardware
And now:

ShareW - try before you buy programs - free for a trial period - not usually supported by advertising, as they do expect you to pay, and the program may not work, or work only in a limited fashion after the trial period.

FreeW - genuinely free for ever programs - but sometimes with advertising (not always).

MalW - bad programs - designed to affect you or your system in one way or another.

CrippleW - free trial programs that have functions of the paid version disabled (usually significant functions to be called CrippleW).

SpyW - programs designed to spy on what you do on the system, and report back to somewhere. May be innocuous, like what browser and websites you use - or serious like your bank codes.

AdW - programs to send you adverts - sometimes accompany FreeW (then sometimes declared, i.e. Advertising supported FreeW).

NagW - free or trial programs that keep prompting you to pay for them - sometimes the prompts are simply referred to as nag screens.

BloatW - programs that have grown over large, with excessive functionality, compared with their original purpose. Usually used as a derogatory term.

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