What determines the maximum size?

  newearwax 09:59 10 Mar 2008

I happened to notice that hard drives seem ridiculously cheap these days. My Evesham computer bought 4 years back has an 80 gig drive and I am asking what part of my existing system will determine whether I can uprate and to what extent. As a secondary, at what stage should a hard drive be uprated? Presumably it is at a certain %age used capacity.

  howard64 10:08 10 Mar 2008

some say a hard drive normally lasts 4 to 5 years so you could be nearing the end of its useful life. With an older system I limit things to possibly a bit more ram and a new hard drive. Working on the basis that if the system dies after a little while at least the new hard drive should be ok to move to a new system. The problem with that is the change from ide drives to sata. Probably your existing system only has provision for ide and newer systems have very little provision for ide drives being now mainly sata.

  xania 10:12 10 Mar 2008

I would recommend that any upgrade did go SATA - you can always buy a SATA expansion card ie click here

  Gongoozler 10:14 10 Mar 2008

The motherboard and Operating System both need to be able to handle 48bit hard drive addressing and the drive needs to be formatted as NTFS. Windows XP has this ability since SP2. Without 48bit addressing the maximum is 137g.

  Demora 10:17 10 Mar 2008

Or you could get one of these and buy a SATA hdd

click here

  newearwax 11:34 10 Mar 2008


Where would the expansion card have to fit?

  Technotiger 11:52 10 Mar 2008

The expansion card would fit in a spare PCI slot on your present motherboard.

  newearwax 12:34 10 Mar 2008

OS is XP SP2 but I can finf nothing in motherboard hand book that covers its capabilty with 48bit adresssing

Here are details via SiSandra
Manuf: Evehamvale
Model: W6777MS v1.4 100303 14
BIOS: 10/02/2003-nVidia-Nforce-6A61BM4FC-00
Chipset: nVidia nForce2 ICP

  Technotiger 13:00 10 Mar 2008

These scans will give you information regarding your own motherboard ... click here

  paul€ 13:16 10 Mar 2008

Your motherboard? click here

Don't use any higher than a 160Gb hard drive.

  newearwax 15:01 10 Mar 2008

Thank you. :) So can I take it that subject to the 160Gb limit a new hard drive can be installed with 48 bit addressing? BTW what is reason for the 16oGb limitr

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