What CPU ?!?!

  Heefie 20:36 27 Aug 2005

I've just bought a M/B on ebay, an MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU, and need to get a processor for it ...

The full details can be found here click here

The spiel says :


• Socket A for AMD® Athlon™/ Athlon™ XP / Duron™ Processor.
• AMD Athlon XP (Palomino, Socket A) 1900+
• AMD Athlon (Thunderbird, Socket A) 1.4GHz
• AMD Duron ( Socket A) 950MHz

Yet when I search on things like Palomino & Thunderbird, I find more information about horses and puppets than I do CPUs !!!!!

Any advice on the relevant merits of these different processors would be gratefully received ...

  Strawballs 20:44 27 Aug 2005

click here take a look here

  PC Bilbo 21:58 27 Aug 2005

The "Palamino" core will be the fastest of the 3 types mentioned and was the first version of the Athlon XP range using AMD 0.18-micron chip with 128KB Level 1 Cache and 256KB Level 2 Cache.After XP2100 (1.73GHz) came the Thoroughbred core with thinner 0.13-micron chip.

The Palamino's will outperform the other 2 and should run cooler. They were also reasonable for overclocking if thats your bug.Even unclocked it will pay to use a decent heatsink and cooling Fan
I changed AMD one to Arctic Cooling.

I used an Athlon 1800+ (1.53GHz) in my first home built 3 yrs ago and used it quiet happily to edit home video from our camcorder.Have only just taken it out and replaced with Sempron 3000+ as Bios update for my mobo allowed it.Looks like 1900+
Palamino will be highest you can go.

  Heefie 00:40 28 Aug 2005

Thanks, that's helpful, but why do I find so little information when I search on "Palamino" ?!?

For instance, I search in Dabs.com, which I often use as a reference point (I'm in Ireland, so don't order from the UK unless I have to !), and there is no match on "Palamino" !!!

When you say "Looks like 1900+ Palamino will be highest you can go", is this processor known as a different name ?!!? Every time I think I'm getting the hang of this PC building lark, it turns around and laughs in my face !!!!!!!!!!

  the old man 07:58 28 Aug 2005

I run an athlon 2000xp cpu on MSI KT7 mobo, did you gain much by going to the sempron 3000.

  Heefie 11:12 28 Aug 2005

Through the information I've got from here & a milion trawls of the internet, I think that I just need an AMD ATHLON 1900 ... why they have to confuse matters with names such as Palamino, which is spelt Palomino in half the sites anyway, I don't know !!!

So, where on earth can I buy an AMD ATHLON 1900 ?!?

All of the sites I've been to only seem to sell AMD ATHLONs over 2100 !!! I appreciate that I am buying older technology, but this seems daft to not be able to find one anywhere (except ebay, of course !!!) ... any ideas anybody ?!?!

  Diemmess 11:34 28 Aug 2005

All manufacturers maintain their latest device at premium prices. They add a whizzo to it and cut the prices of everything below that.

The one at the bottom of the league table - drops out (no longer worth selling at that price.

By this time you will be lucky to find an AMD Athlon 1900 except on ebay, or at a computer fair. "'cest la vie"

  PC Bilbo 21:09 28 Aug 2005

Palamino was the "code name" AMD gave the processor core. It was actually sold as Athlon XP 1900+.

AMD no longer manufacture Athlon XP range so you will need to find someomeone with old stock or try e-Bay type source.If thet hold computer fairs in

Suggest you double check last Bios update from MSI on this board as I came up with Athlon XP 1900+ as highest supported from researching their site under legacy boards (Skt A VIA chipset). "the old man" seems to be running a 2000+ so maybe there was assuming same version board.

  PC Bilbo 21:29 28 Aug 2005

I have used XP 3000+ (Barton Core) and also Sempron 3000+ (333FSB) processors.Whilst the Sempron 3000+
was a definite improvement on the Atlon XP1800+ I found it didn't perform as well as the Barton it is supposed to have replaced.

AMD are obviously wanting to push people onto the later Skt's and raise their Average Selling Prices
which is what semiconductor manufacturers do to offset price attrition.I guess newer is not always better!.

  PC Bilbo 18:35 29 Aug 2005

Update on K7T266 Pro board.

MSI's last BIOS updates were version 1.8 added Athlon XP 2000+ (0.18 micron),version 1.7 corrected false readings using Athlon XP1900+ (again 0.18 micron Palamino core.

"Possible" good news . I found an old XP2000+ in my "junk computer bits " box.

It came from a computer I repaired. The owner tried to change the cooler and botched it so the h/sink was'nt square onthe pads. He complained of a chattering noise on start up!

Bottom line is he destroyed the processor pads when cleaning off the old thermal pad.

I found a slight chip to the seal on the core
under a 'scope but have jury rigged it on a board
and it worked normally! I'll double check the code no on AMD'site to make sure it's a Palamino core.
If this is OK and you feel confident doing a "mechanical" repair for pads and upgrading BIOS if required you can have it if you pay postage.

I'll confirm if Palimino later.

  PC Bilbo 19:04 29 Aug 2005

YES it is the Palamino core.

The OPN is AX2000DMT3C which is the 0.18 micron core.

You can e-mail me if you want to try it and I'll arrange postage.

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