what course to i do for creating games

  stephen0205 14:02 13 Dec 2006

hi there im looking into the gaming industry and id like to know what course and launguge to learn for this. I want a change fo career even if it takes years i want to program games. When i say games i mean like xbox360 ps2 (3) pc and id like to knw what launguges to learn to do so. I enqured to some colleges but have had no reply and its been a month. Can someone tell me what courses to do or launguges i need to learn

  €dstowe 14:20 13 Dec 2006

The knowledge and experience required to create modern computer games cannot be absorbed by one person alone.

Modern computer programs - including games - are the result of collaboration of a large number of people. Anything you do yourself will be pretty naff by the standards expected today.

The way to go about it is to join a company involved in the creation of computer games - which may not be easy as demand for this work is very high.

Sorry to be so negative but, I have people coming to me all the time for work who have had the same ambitions only to have them dashed by the seeming impossibility of getting into the business.

  Totally-braindead 14:32 13 Dec 2006

First let me say that I don't know if theres a definative answer to this.
I do know someone who writes computer games and has done for some years. Originally he worked for DMA design and wasn't part of the original design team for Lemmings but was part of the team that rewrote the code for other game consoles. Hes also been involved in other games with other companies as part of a much larger team. And has written a lot of games for the likes of mobile phones. Games are so complicated now it needs a huge team and based on what he has told me its split up and each team member gets part of the game to create. How they do something like this I really don't know its way above my head.

All I can tell you about what he did is. He studied and gained a Degree with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and ended up game designing which is probably not what he saw himself doing but there you are. Nowadays there are other qualifications such as programming so what he did 20 years ago is probably not relevant. What I would do is contact a college for an appointment with a college careers advisor ( as far as I know they all have them now )and see what they say.

  stephen0205 14:34 13 Dec 2006

thanks for the reply i just wanted to know what courses or laungues i need to go to college or uni to learn to create one of these games. i know it takes alot of people to create a game and id like to be one of them. i have some programming knolege to do with engine's and 3d animation i just want to do courses and get a gd job. my friend inspired me as he knows a guy he is 21 and earning 200,000 a year working for microsoft. thats all.

  Totally-braindead 14:54 13 Dec 2006

Only other idea I have is check out game manufacturers websites and see if they have any advice, a few emails will cost nothing and they might give you the info you need.

  Rigga 15:14 13 Dec 2006


The skills you would need at a minimum would be,

OO Design
Understanding of Game design and gameplay

Take a look at the Edge web site, they have plenty of jobs in the games industry being offered. > click here < looking at the adverts will give you an insight into what's required.

Probably the easiest way into games programming these days is through the mod community.

Get yourself a copy of one of the unreal games or the half life2 games, and try your hand at modding.

Doing a google for mods with unreal of HL2 brings up huge amounts of material to research.

Pick one, get involved with a modding team, do some good work, get yourself noticed, possibly get a job.

Don't expect to earn 200k, I doubt anyone who's a programmer earns that kind of money especially in the games industry.

I've been writing / designing programs for 18 years, and even as a freelance contractor was only earning 100k.

Although I could be wrong, maybe the games industry is richer than I thought. :)

Good luck, you'll need it, it's a very difficult sector to get into.


  wolfie3000 17:06 13 Dec 2006

If you want to get into the games industry good luck,
One way to learn about how games work is to get into modding.

Modding (modifying) games will show you how games work and how you can change and alter games.

Games like GTA and Halo are good for learning how to mod,

These sites might help you out a bit.

GTA click here

Halo click here

Plus there are thousands of other modding sites for other games just google them.

Hope this helps.

  Belatucadrus 17:19 13 Dec 2006

The other approach would be to write to the various gaming houses, send them an SAE and ask them to let you know what skills they require of their programmers. Get the info direct from the horses mouth.

  stephen0205 11:26 15 Dec 2006

thanks for the help. and the guy working at microsoft is earning 200 ,000 a year and hes at the bottom end of programming new features and part of the new os system by microsoft ( not vista ) apparently there are further on than people think. why is it hard to get into thew gaming industry if you have the qualifications and places like bungie advertize jobs on thier site ?

  Belatucadrus 17:15 15 Dec 2006

Don't want to sound picky, but if you want to be a programmer, it'll be good practise to tighten up on your spelling. Relatively minor syntax errors can cause much agro and wasted time when coding and debugging is always a pain.

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