What could cause this PC to run slowly/crash?

  Gaz W 23:21 29 May 2004

Alright I've been trying to help someone out (over MSN Messenger) with their Compaq Presario 6540 PC. The basic specs are: Athlon XP 2600+ (266MHz version), 512MB PC2100 DDR, ATi Radeon 9000 - not sure about anything else at the moment.

Basically the problem seems to be that it's running slowly all the time and it's crashing (black screen) when any games are loaded.

I've suggested a complete virus scan and removal of spyware, etc (although I didn't think that would be it), as well as closing processes and all the usual stuff.

I've also made sure they check the fans in the system and had them load SiSoft Sandra but to be honest I can't think of much else that could be causing this problem.

Any ideas?

  VoG II 23:25 29 May 2004

Spyware/virus are obvious but you've got that covered.

Get them to run dxdiag

  Giggle n' Bits 23:27 29 May 2004

bad drivers, reinstall DirectX, erh Althon XP2600 running a 266FSB ? are you sure its not 333MHz ?
reinstall the motherboard Chipset drivers.

Ident the manufac of the HDD and get the utility diagnostic tool to test the HDD, also if an Asus M/board there is compat issues and a BIOS update needed.

Also is the memory ok ?

Invesigate the Temp of the CPU

Test the Drives are all functioning

My list is endless its a process of iluumination I am affraid.

  Gaz W 23:27 29 May 2004

Alright I will try that - they seem to have gone offline at the moment so maybe it's crashed after running SiSoft Sandra tests!

  jimv7 00:01 30 May 2004

There have been an aweful lot of problems with the athlon 2600 cpu's, if you can try a different cpu it might help.

  Gaz W 01:27 30 May 2004

By the way I can confirm that it is a 266MHz FSB, as it is 2.13GHz. There was an overlap with the 2600+; mine is the 333MHz FSB one with 2.08GHz clock speed. There is ANOTHER 2600+, also 333MHz FSB, after mine, with a slower clock speed still but something else added on instead. I don't know the name of the core of either of them (Barton core seems to spring to mind but I'm not sure.

I don't know why anyone would have used the 266MHz one, since when I bought mine they were exactly the same price, but this computer is apparently 2 years old.


What sort of problems have there been with 2600+ CPU's? I've had none at all with my one, but like I say mine is different anyway.

I will try everything Bobbin's has suggested as well tomorrow - shouldn't be too difficult to get most of that.

P.S. - Sandra did report that the motherboard temperature was too high and to check all fans were working, hence the case being opened to check. I thought maybe the fan on the chipset or something, but apparently it's working.

  rickf 09:37 30 May 2004

It sounds like a heat prob. Is there a controller for increasing the fan speed. Alternatively, the psu may not be up to supplying sufficient power to intensive graphics games. My most recent prob was actually the heatsink itself not running quick enough to cool the CPU which was sorted by changing it.

  Gaz W 17:15 30 May 2004

It did cross my mind that it could be a heat problem, but the only thing that makes me not too sure is that the system's spec hasn't been changed in any way since new, apart from the addition of a new sound card to replace the onboard sound. Also, it's a Compaq and you would expect them to ensure their systems are cooled sufficiently.

I might have to have a look at it myself, but anyway I'll pass on your suggestions.

I don't think there's a controller for increasing any fan speeds, and if there was I doubt it would have been adjusted.

The Barton core 2600 has 512 Mb level 2 cache and a clock speed of 1917.Your friends' is probably the Thoroughbred.
You need to check exactly what the FSB is (should be 133), and also the clock muliplyer. This may help
click here(3821).
You could try dropping the FSB a little to see if this helps.

Sorry link doesn't seem to be working, try this
click here

  Gaz W 18:04 30 May 2004

Thanks for that information; I see now it is indeed the Thoroughbred, as is mine, but mine is the 333MHz version and his is the 266MHz version.

I got the first link working - you have to type (3821) at the end of the URL in the address bar, as it hasn't been included in the link by this forum.

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