What causes windows freezes?

  tran1 11:28 17 Feb 2003


Just wanted to ask a question about freezing.

Sometimes when you open applications, there is a short delay (freeze) before anything becomes usable.

Example: Norton Systemworks menu. The menu buttons have sound effects. Sometimes when you open the program, it seems to freeze for a bit and rolling over the buttons does nothing. Other times, it opens ok and immediatley rolling over the buttons produces the sound effects.

Other freezes I can think of are:

When you move your mouse over menus. All the menu buttons become indented while you drag your mouse over them. When it freezes, only some become indented whilst others do nothing.

Doing intensive stuff like playing a game cuases everything to freeze and the only thing left to do is to manually shut down the PC.

Delays when opening programs.

I have had these experiences with my PC but on the whole it behaves ok.

I'm just wondering what cuases these, I'm thinking it has something to do with memory. The Cuase being a bottleneck in the flow and data being clogged up. (Like when you swallow a large chunk of food and it gets stuck in your throat, everything (your body) freezes for a bit. lol).

I'm not expecting to get a solution to the problem, as I think its just what all PC's do. just wan to get some info on what cuases it.

  Tog 11:46 17 Feb 2003

If my PC did that it would be in bits on the desk (again).

Check for background tasks (AV, etc), up to date drivers (everything, including the motherboard), task scheduler and BIOS settings that are set for speed rather than reliability.

  Gerrycan 15:43 17 Feb 2003

whats your o s?

  tran1 16:03 17 Feb 2003

I have windows Xp. I'm not experiencing these problem alot. It happens every so often.

  Rtus 16:07 17 Feb 2003

There are many things that can cause freezes ..More info on Hard drive size /used and free space / Memory composing of How many strips total size and type Cpu speed and which O/S your using ..However one thing your using can cause exactly these problems under certain circumstances ..Norton System Works..but nothings certain until more info's provided.

I would agree with Rtus regarding norton utilities
It's agreat prog but I and others have found that if you run the Windoctor option in the back ground it can cause long delays on a fairly low spec pc. Also try and keep your background apps to the basics like your fire wall and anti virus.
Some backgroud aps take up a lot of RAM.


  tran1 16:39 17 Feb 2003

My spec:

Pentium 4 2.53, 512 DDR PC2100 (2 sticks of 256), geforce Ti4600, 120Gb western Digital, 40GB Maxtor.

I've only used 18Gb on the 120 drive and 11Gb (backup Images) on the 40GB drive.

Background apps; I normally have Lexmark printer icon, Zonealarm, Norton Antivirus, Bigfix, Broadband icon and 'safely remove hard ware icon'.

Isn't some pauses and freezing just a common symton of windows? I've never used a PC where there hasn't been a pause on opening programs and the minor short freeze bursts.

  Rtus 21:41 17 Feb 2003

presumably your list of background apps are from the Ctl Alt Del sequence (close programs window)? Xp has internal tsr's that monitor the system ..(restore points and monitors)There are also power saving setting issues to be looked into,and task schedules all could be initiated while your trying to access a program .Im not entirely up to speed on XP but suggest you look into those first . Your main drive (C:)size and amount free was the data required ,your answer shows its enough room and not crowded.(as is sometimes the case) I use W98 and If a program (say adobe photoshop)doesnt launch within 6 seconds Id be looking for the reasons why..So no most Pc's dont pause when starting a program..

  Rtus 21:50 17 Feb 2003

to add to the above I note you have 2 strips 256 ddr memory where these bought as a pair or purchased seperately ..? in the latter case they could very well be missmatched causing the slowdown/crashes when initiating a program. A visit to crucial web site to check the type of module for your Mobo may be worth while.

  tran1 22:39 17 Feb 2003

Pretty much everything is as standard when I bought it from evesham last August, Apart from the second hard drive.

The things I mentioned earlier are only some symtoms I've experienced since purchase. They don't happen all the time. I've had two complete freezes when playing games and the occassional puases and short freezes when launching/running programs.

I think i'm just being paranoid coz i'm a perfectionist and I see every little thing that goes on with my PC and analze over the top. (This machine was a huge investment for my Uni course and so I think its just me)

I'm thinking of buying an extra 512DDR memory seeing as how memory prices are soo cheap now.
It could help out with bottleneck problems maybe.

When going into task mangaer, I see the paging file usage is being used and so maybe it could be memory problems.

  Stokey 08:48 18 Feb 2003

I'm not on XP so don't have the experience of using it. (It quickly went back in the box lol). But it sounds to me as if a general degunge of your system may be of benefit.

See if this helps:

1/ Clear all windows/temp files, windows/temp internet files and all cookie and history files.

2/ Clean the registry (suggest jv16).

3/ Remove all redundant, orphaned and broken links from your hard-drive (I use Ashampoo for this).

BTW, I don't think more memory is necessary, nor will it cure your problems.

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