what case size have i got?

  dmm27 14:34 30 Jan 2006

How do i work out what size case i have got in order to get the correct size of mobo. Can a case take several different sizes of mobo?

  tenplus1 14:46 30 Jan 2006

most atx cases can house differest sizes of motherboard... you just have to watch out for the really small mini-atx cases which can only hold mini-atx or micro-atx mobo's...

  uisquebeathus 14:52 30 Jan 2006

The main difference is that full ATX motherboards have a maximum size of 12"x9.6", and Mini ATX boards have maximum dimensions of 11.2"x8.2".biggest differences between motherboards of different ATX-style form factors are dimensions, and the placement of mounting holes. This means that most cases are "downward compatible" with the smaller ATX variants, as long as they have provided appropriate sets of places to put mounting hardware. If a case will support installation of a full-sized ATX motherboard, it may also support a Mini ATX, microATX or FlexATX board as long as the designers of the case have taken the smaller form factor variants into consideration.

  dmm27 14:53 30 Jan 2006

the mobo that is in there at the moment is about 9 1/2 inches square. I dont think that i could get anything wider in as it would hit the back of the HDD and CD's. There does seem to be some space below the mobo, with some additional spaces at the back that are still covered, but look as if they could be pushed out. So presumably I could put in a longer board.

  uisquebeathus 14:57 30 Jan 2006

simple checks such as the connectors for the mouse or keyboard are they blue and green (ATX) in the socket are they at the extreme top (ATX) under the power supply or are the in differant places (AT)
download " Belarc Adviser " or " Aida2 " or
" GetSysInfo " either will give a full list of components and devices software etc.

  rmcqua 15:00 30 Jan 2006

Sounds like you have a "micro-ATX" mobo. There are plenty of them that size available for upgrades or replacement.

  dmm27 20:14 30 Jan 2006

the keyboard and mouse slots are purple and green and under the PSU.
It looks like I could get a 12" long mobo in as there is space. Otherwise why are there 3 blanked out slots in the case?

i presume that means it must be able to take a full size ATX mobo.

  woodchip 20:23 30 Jan 2006

If it's a very old case AT type then it will not take a ATX mobo. doubt you will have one of these, unless it's a hand me down. Also AT PSU will not connect to ATX mobo

  dmm27 23:54 30 Jan 2006

case is about 4 years old. It has a 20 pin connector to the mobo, which i thought meant that it was ATX. Is this right?

  Stuartli 00:17 31 Jan 2006

An ATX case is about the same height as a 17in monitor - a microATX is much smaller.

A microATX case will also not accommodate an ATX PSU.

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