What is Capped Broadband?

  Kev.Ifty 01:40 17 Jul 2005

I've got an ISP that provides me with a 2GB per month Broadband Internet access for a certain fee! I have, during the past eight months of membership, not noticed any effect on my ability to surf. So i assume i am within the limits of my account.

If you use more than your allowance then you're going to find your connection cut down or, at least very slow, aren't you???

Not with my ISP! I have received a letter today telling me that i am 'over using'. The letter says i have used 35GB each month for the last three months.

They claim i am paying for a 15GB account (?)They actually only provide 2,6 and 30 GB accounts.

They have given me three options: Stop using so much, upgrade to the 30 GB option or close my account..

Well to be honest.. I am a bit confused. If i have an account limited to 2GB a month how can i use 35GB. I am not saying i haven't used 35GB, because i have been playing games online and downloading music for the Wifes MP3 Player. So i am sure my usage has increased, but to 35GB? mmmmmm

Anyway! What is the point of Capped usage if you can just do what you like and just wait for the letter before cutting down? Am i missing something?


  Completealias 03:13 17 Jul 2005

Is your ISP wanadoo by any chance?

If it is they state in there webpages that they will not stop your service if you go over your cap but if you continually exceed it they wll ask you to upgrade to the next one. Also I believe wanadoo only started to enforce there caps a short while ago.

Online gaming uses alot of bandwith and so does downloading music tracks so it is quite feesable that your usage could be very high. You can get a netmeter from click here which will help you to monitor the ammount of bandwith you are using, you can set it to load at windows start up and then it will sit in the system tray.

At least your ISP has just asked you to either cut down your usage or upgrade to the next level if you were with tiscali they would charge you £1.50 per gig or part off that you had used above your usage cap.

I guess that yes ISP could notify you when you are reaching the limit of your cap but I think the main reason they exsit is so that ISPs can offer broadband on a price that is about the same as dialup and therefore attract more customers.

  spuds 13:48 17 Jul 2005

Some ISP's have put a capped rate on usage, and they usually show this in their terms and conditions. Tiscal have a procedure that make additional monthly charges to you billing account, when you use more than you are allowed within the package deal which you subscribe to.

To keep a check on your usage, download and use Tautology Bandwidth Meter click here

  DieSse 16:17 17 Jul 2005

"What is the point of Capped usage if you can just do what you like and just wait for the letter before cutting down?"

Surely this is more advantageous to you than simply being slapped with a large "overuse" charge? Seems a pretty fair way of operating to me.

  pj123 17:37 17 Jul 2005

35gb seems an awful lot of bandwidth to me. I have 1gb per day (30gb per month) and I never use a 10th of that.

  Danoh 21:16 17 Jul 2005

35Gb x 3 = 105 Gb. How large is your Wife's MP3 player? How many hours online gaming do you do on average? That does sound like a lot of data which has been downloaded/uploaded.

  Stuartli 23:08 19 Jul 2005

Tiscali states that an average subscriber on its BB service uses around 800MB a month..:-)

Download Tautology Meter and have a full rundown of what you download and upload in total both daily and monthly:

click here

It's only 234k.

  Kev.Ifty 01:43 20 Jul 2005

Wanadoo is my ISP and i cannot fault them.
I started with them two years ago on dial up then upgraded to broadband (2Gb) about eight months ago.

I have had not one problem with them and would recommend them to anyone.

"We" are cutting down on our internet useage... No more games or MTV Videos and no more music down loads for a bit. I have downloaded the monitor program to see what traffic is on going.

I still don't get the 'you are signed up to the 15 Gb account' bit. Anyway... Thank you for your posts. I will try to cut down..

Cos i can handle it no problem, oh yes i can.... ;-)


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