What can you find out from my IP

  iqs 21:02 24 Jan 2009


I posted a thread recently regarding sharing photos and files over the net with friends and relatives .

It was suggested,and I will be tomorrow,setting up a FTP Server,

I have downloaded FileZlla,and will be installing it on a spare PC,I will be using my parents PC to connect to my FTP PC.

I know its possible to identify my ISP from my IP,but what If my IP address gets into the wrong hands,whats the worse that can happen.


  MAJ 21:17 24 Jan 2009

Not a lot can happen, your IP is logged by a lot of sites as you visit them. Just make sure you're using a firewall. If you turn on your firewall's alerts and logs option, you will see that your computer is being pinged all the time.

  iqs 21:23 24 Jan 2009


I was hoping you would read my thread and assist,thanks for the advice.

Hopefully fingers crossed it will go according to plan tomorrow,will keep you updated,Cheers

  MAJ 21:52 24 Jan 2009

Hope it goes well, iqs, good luck.

  iqs 22:09 24 Jan 2009

thank you

  DieSse 11:25 25 Jan 2009

Just to reinforce what MAJ says, and to explain a little.

Every site you ever visit knows (though may not keep a record of) your IP - otherwise they couldn't respond when you visit them. In addition you may be pinged by a variety of services, as well as the occasional "black-hat" looking for an entry into your system (or any system!).

So, as described - the protection you need is no more than anybody needs - firwall, AV, anti- malware etc.

  DieSse 11:26 25 Jan 2009

PS - and making sure your OS is always fully updated!

  iqs 12:54 25 Jan 2009

Hi and thanks for the advice,I have a problem...

When I connect locally with,I can view the folders over the click here I use my IP address,it states Connection Server Lost,but with logged on.

I have installed Filezlla on a second PC which is connected to my router,I have an internet connection,and all works correctly.

So any ideas please..

  MAJ 13:04 25 Jan 2009

I am just popping to the shop for half an hour or so (I'm under orders), but I saw your post.

Go here click here and enter your IP address etc. and click the "Test the FTP Server" button, let us know what it reports. You might need to do a little port forwarding in the router's settings.

  iqs 13:15 25 Jan 2009


Did as your suggested,still no connection via my IP,its unable to connect.
I tried with the default port 21 and then with the FTP port 14147.

Hear from you soon

  MAJ 13:32 25 Jan 2009

To clarify for my benefit, iqs. You have two PCs both connected to the internet? How are they both connected to the internet, modem? router? One PC works OK but the other doesn't? Explain what you are doing on both, exactly.

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