What can my slot 1 motherboard do?

  Dassy 01:22 16 Sep 2006

I've an older motherboard which Im now lookin to upgrade but Im not sure of its capabilities after I try and update it by flashing the BIOS. It's a Elitegroup P6BX-A+ 440BX. Can I use a slocket to change it to a socket 370 and if I did will me flashing the BIOS and the clocket allow me to use a FSB of 133MHZ? And also with the new slocket in place what is the maximum speed of CPU can I go up to?

  Gandalph 01:30 16 Sep 2006

I have an old machine running a socket (or slot 1) Pentium III 450 MHz processor. The highest it would take was a 933 MHz. I dont think that flashing the BIOS is going to give you much of a choice of speedy processors. You will not notice much difference, if any, between the 100 FSB and the 133 FSB.

  Dassy 01:35 16 Sep 2006

if i install pc133 sdram will it clock down to pc100 to match the FSB of the cpu?

  Totally-braindead 02:43 16 Sep 2006

Yes it will but the memory must still be compatible in order to work properly. If it doesn't work then either the memory is faulty or it isn't compatible with your board it won't be anything to do with it being faster memory as the speed will be dropped by the motherboard.

  karmgord 17:58 16 Sep 2006

the most limiting factor will be the bios recognising the chip I doubt a bios flash will allow a faster fsb an easy way to check would be a software fsb program.If you are limited to 100mhz fsb (as i suspect you will be as no bx chipset could divide the agp bus )then the fastest chips are the 1.1mhz (100fsb coppermine,is most likely to run but remember it needs a lower core voltage) or a 1.4ghz celeron tualatin but this is best run in a powerleap adapter as the tualatine needs a more powerful power supply which the powerleap adapter has.powerleap adapters can usually be found quite reasonable on ebay.Finally alot of bx boards will run the 1.4 celeron without a bios flash it just misreports the speed but equally a lot won,t boot and i doubt wether a bios flash for the tualitn chip will be available

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