what can my refurbished pc do ???

  LEGGGGY 20:16 18 Aug 2004

just purchased refurb evesham amd 1.4ghz ,512ram, 15gb hard drive,nvidia geforce 111 64mb with cdrw and dvd rom.

as new to pcs what can I expect from it, in terms of games , video etc ( its for twin 9 yr olds )

  bremner 20:36 18 Aug 2004

I am certain that anything your kids will want to do in terms of games this machine will be capable of producing.

It will only be the latest 3D games that you will find your machine struggle to cope with - but do you want your 9 year olds playing Doom 3 or Manhunt!!!

Internet, word processing, watching DVD etc will be fine.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 20:37 18 Aug 2004

It should be happy with all but most recent games as long as they do not demand a more powerful graphics card, remember to check the requirements on the package before buying. Dvd video playback should be no problem.

  Totally-braindead 20:39 18 Aug 2004

Its not an easy question to answer, providing you got DVD player software installed it'll play DVDs no problems, you can copy disks and create new ones and it'll play most of the games except really new ones such as Farcry. It'll also run all word processors spreadsheets and almost anything else. The only problems I can see are the newest games. Word of advice here, if you see a game the kids would like look not at the minimum specification but at the recommended specification, if your computer doesn't meet or exceed the recommended( and its better to exceed it) then don't buy it. The PC software manufacturers have a tendency to cut the specs to a minimum to allow more people to buy it. Thats not to say they lie, the games will run with the minimum settings just not very well. If the games says minimum 1 gig, recommended 1.4 gig then personally I'd probably not buy it. If it recommends say a 800mhz then yours should run it perfectly. Its not easy I know but I've bought a fwe games which the box said would run on my PC and it either didn't run at all or it jerked making it unplayable.

  LEGGGGY 20:54 18 Aug 2004

great replies thanks,, have just tried to play dvd but with no joy,it brought up title of film in dvd icom but nothing to suggest a film, both drives will play cd though.Totally-Braindead talked about dvd player software, how do i know if i need it and what is it ?

  LEGGGGY 21:00 18 Aug 2004

as above

click here

for dvd software , power dvd the most used i would say

  Totally-braindead 22:01 18 Aug 2004

The 2 main ones are PowerDVD and WinDVD both are freely available. I've got a spare copy of WinDVD, if you want it drop me a line with your name and address using the envelope symbol next to my name ans I'll post it on to you, no charge as I've no need for 2 DVD programs.

  LEGGGGY 22:18 18 Aug 2004

many thanks to all , think I may be here a few times more in the near future

  Mister Splendid©®™! 20:05 19 Aug 2004

Windows Media Player9 will play dvds quite well too, and it's free from Microsoft. click here for Windows 98, 98se, ME and 2000. click here for Windows xp

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