What can I watch on TV?

  WhiteTruckMan 08:45 29 Apr 2012

No, this isn't something that belongs on speakers corner! Recently after many years of use the old CRT TV finally went off to seek its maker courtesy of the council recyclers, and I was left needing a new one. It wasnt a good time for an expensive purchase - is there ever? - so after some online searching I dug out all the clubcard vouchers, hopped over to tesco's and bought this:

Tesco technika TV

I still have some issues with it that I have to resolve. One of which is that it has a USB socket on it which according to the recieved blurb enables it to play media from a memory stick or other external storage. What information I have been able to uncover about this has been somewhat limited being the tidbit that external drives have to be formatted to FAT32 as it will not recognise NTFS. A minor hassle, but no biggie. It will display jpegs fine, as a slideshow, play mp3s ok, (even if the speakers arent very good for that sort of thing, but as yet I have been unable to play movie files on it. Does anyone have any ideas about file formats for playback on these devices?


  KRONOS the First 10:06 29 Apr 2012

I believe you will find that the USB port on a TV is mainly for firmware updates for sure and some support limited media playback.I very much doubt that a Tesco TV,buy cheap in bulk and sell cheap policy,will be able to show videos via the USB port. I would have thought your manual would have answered your questions.

  onthelimit1 10:27 29 Apr 2012

I use my laptop plugged into the VGA socket (plus an audio lead) for all that sort of viewing.

  robin_x 10:51 29 Apr 2012

For some time, copyright issues have usually meant TV/video equipment only allows you to watch from USB if it was recorded from that equipment in the first place.

So check if you can record to USB (FAT32).

I suppose the blurb could also mean hooking up an external USB DVD player and playing Commercial discs.

Or the blurb may be plain wrong or correct for foreign markets and just copy and pasted onto Tesco system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 29 Apr 2012

I have a 22" in bedroom that doesn't have USB (2 years old)

Mother has a 19" (year old) with USB plays Xvid and MP4 files may also play others, haven't tried yet.

  spuds 13:07 29 Apr 2012

Doesn't Tesco advertise that they now have a team of experts, for answering questions on these type of products they sell. Perhaps a contact there might help?.

I know before, it was a case of Tesco customer services, referring people to the manufacturer's, for help, advice and support. So that as possibly all changed now?.

  lotvic 15:01 29 Apr 2012

The user guide pdf I saw is not a lot of use, it doesn't list the file types. Found a bit of info on what you can play digitalworldz.co.uk forum

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