What can I upgrade on my laptop?

  hexmatrix 15:57 04 Jun 2014

Hey all,


TLDR: I need advise on replacing and APU, Laptop model : Compaq 15 h011sa


I'm new here but not at all new to the tech scene.

However, I've just got a new laptop (old one was out of date, needed it) from PC World (I hate the consumer traps from them!)

Anyway, I just bought a pretty basic laptop, 1ghz dual core processor (APU) and 4gb of ram because I thought I wouldn't need it for anything else other than programming - Until I came to 3D Game Programming.

The laptop runs terrible when faced with DX10/11 even though the APU supports it! - My conclusion is it's the low base clock speed on the processor.

I've replaced multiple CPU's before, but I don't have a clue about the APU (which btw is the AMD E1-2100 with Radeon HD Graphics)

I believe I'd have to replace the APU with a CPU and then Install some other type of graphics device, but I'm not entirely sure and don't want to go about it and end up putting the laptop in a state of dis-repair.

The Laptop model is: Compaq 15 h011sa

If somebody holds the knowledge to help me, please reply.

Thanks, HEX.

  howard64 16:29 04 Jun 2014

with laptops you are limited to what you can update. I would not personally bother changing the cpu unless it had died. If it is seriously underpowered then sell it and buy a better one. I did not see if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit. If 64-bit can you upgrade the ram? go to crucial.com/uk and run their memory scanner it will tell you what is fitted and what you can replace it with. If it is 32-bit you already have more than it can use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 04 Jun 2014

APU is described as a processing device which integrates a CPU and an OpenCL compatible GPU on the same die

APUs can also include video processing and other application-specific accelerators.

from wiki

So no you can not replace with cpu and graphics device. It doesn't appear to be possible to replace the Apu with a faster model either on this machine

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