What can i do if someone else uses my email!

  gazmix 16:44 23 Sep 2006

If someone else knows my email & mobile number, for example an ex partner.
How can i stop them using it to make life misery for me by registering me on sites i don't want.
Using my mobile number to download tones & therefore erasing credit from my phone etc!
Why should i change all my details which will mess up all i have as others know my address.


  silverous 16:49 23 Sep 2006

Quite difficult, the easiest option which you don't want to hear is to change them.

Have they actually done this or are you expecting them to do it? Have you suddenly started receiving those things out of the blue? Could it be unrelated?

If you are certain it is them you could advise them that you are going to go to the police as I would say this is a form of harassment (and any sites they've registered on may have a record of the IP address used which could possibly be traced to them).

Or... you could in theory I suspect take legal action of some sort - perhaps small claims court for damages to pay for a new phone and email to avoid the situation they created.

Of course you would need some kind of proof.

Easier to resolve it amicably or just change the things.

Worth talking to your phone provider and getting some spam filtering software. Your phone provider may be able to block content of some kinds.

  gazmix 17:03 23 Sep 2006

i'ts not happened yet, but i was told they might do this, i'll see how things materialise.

How can i go on msn messenger 7.5 & stop this person seeing me being signed in! & chatting to others??


  silverous 17:11 23 Sep 2006

On messenger you can right click on their contact and block them? That what you mean?

  gazmix 17:15 23 Sep 2006

Yeh, i assume they will still see me on their list of contacts, but not signed in??
So i can talk to others without that person seeing that i'm signed in!

  silverous 17:17 23 Sep 2006

Yep that's my understanding - it will look to them like you're never signed in.

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